Meeting With Fox 25 Out Of Boston

Ann, Janet and I will be doing an interview with Fox 25 out of Boston today.  They are going to air it on May 16th after the Unsolved Mysteries program.  The interview will be done by Bob Ward.  Next week they will be doing some things with Shamshak to add to the piece.  When I get more details on the time it will be aired I’ll let you know.  

 This is very exciting for the family.  Since the coverage we have gotten, some incredible testimonies are coming out. It’s amazing what has happened already.   People are calling in and giving Shamshak credible information.  Sometimes people hold on to things for so long and they can’t stand to carry that burden any longer.   Praise God, maybe the timing will be right for all of it to finally come out.

Janet has set up the account for the reward fund we are setting up.  We are hoping to raise around 25,000 through various ways.  It will be a reward offered to someone who helps to bring someone to trial and if  convicted will be given the money.  We are working on ways to raise the funds now.  Pray for us about that.  Pray that people will be generous in their giving.  Financially things are hard for many.  Click on Reward Fund and the information for a donation will be there.  We will treasure any support on helping to put this or these killers behind bars.  They have been walking around freely for way to long…

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