Happy Heavenly Birthday, Kathy!


We will never forget your birthday, Kathy, even if you’re not here. It is challenging to envision you as a sixty-four yeard old. How does so much time go by, yet it stands still at times. The day I heard about your murder was the worse day I’ve ever experienced.

Your murder continues to go unsolved, and your family continues to hope that one day we will hear the words, “case closed.” I know some individuals have information that could make it happen. Please come forward; you have nothing to fear since the prime suspect has passed away.

You were a bright star that was not allowed to shine. I believe what you could have contributed to this world would have been amazing!

Happy birthday, Sweet One. Kathy, your family loves you and will never forget you as long as we are alive.

Kisses and hugs,




Dear Kathy,
It’s fifty years now that you’ve been gone; murdered on November 21, 1971. We all miss you and can’t understand how something so horrific could happen to our little sister, such a precious soul. My heart still weeps for you and what you endured here on earth, but I know, ‘The Only Scars in Heaven, Don’t Belong to You.’ This song says it all; the words are from someone that understands tremendous loss.

We may never get the answers we hope for; some keep their secrets, and they’ve hindered resolution for you and our family. I know in heaven, it doesn’t matter to you anymore, but it still matters to us.

Kathy, ou were beautiful, kind, and unique—a diamond amid tarnished gems. I imagine the angel you are, and it gives me peace. I’m sure your smile lights up heaven.


49 Years and Counting…

Will we ever stop counting the years Kathy went missing and found murdered in Franklin, NH, November 21, 1971? Probably not. We measure the days and years and calculate the time it’s gone unsolved. Who would have thought it would take this long to see the case solved and a conviction brought forth. Indeed, none of my family did. Yet, we continue to hope that we would hear the words, case solved, case closed.

As the years go by, days like today never seem to get more comfortable. We remember, and the pain is still there. We grieve the loss of Kathy and the life we expected to have with her.

This year is incredibly hard. I think it’s because of everything going on. The elections, Covid, isolation, and the passing of the last living suspect, Kenneth Bonnenfant, have not helped. I’m sure there are many feeling the pressure of this disturbing year. Grieving during a time of uncertainty makes it more difficult. I will be glad when 2020 is over and pray 2021 will be a better year.

I will always miss Kathy; that will never change. It saddens me not to have the time I could have had with her. To see her laugh, watch her mature into a woman, find someone to love, and have children. I know she would have been one incredible person.

So, today on this 49th anniversary of you going missing, searching for you, found brutally beaten, raped, strangled, stripped of your clothing, then run over by a car, I cry. I cry because of what happened to you and what could have been.

I love you, Kathy, and miss you terribly. One day we will be together again.



THIS MAN WAS NOT A HERO! He was the last living prime suspect in my sister, Kathy’s murder from 1971. SHE WAS THE HERO, AND IS NOW AN ANGEL. Their paths shall never meet again, she is in heaven and he is not. He took many secrets to his grave. The evil he did in his lifetime will now be his eternal consequence. Please, if you have information about Kathy’s murder come forward. He can’t hurt you or your family anymore. Contact the NH Cold Case Unit. https://www.doj.nh.gov/criminal/cold-case/https://