Meeting with Judiciary went very well

Pleading for Justice
Pleading for Justice

On April 30th,2009 Ann, Janet and I spoke on behalf of the family to push for the cold case unit for New Hampshire.  We wore t-shirts with Kathy’s picture on the front and held posters up with pictures and information about her murder.  We held daisies in our hands, Kathy’s favorite flowers.  Each of us spoke to the committee and placed our hearts on the table about the pain we’ve had as a family, knowing Kathy was so brutally murdered.
My heart ached as I listened to my sisters talk about the need for a cold case unit.  Janet broke down crying, and I understood.  Someone who has gone through the same turmoil would understand.  I listened to others that spoke to the committee.  They expressed their desire to have a cold case unit.  It brought to mind that we are not the only family that has gone on for years without answers.
After the hearing, the family was interviewed by a number of newspapers.  The articles are posted in the section of “In The News.”  We are thankful for their interest in Kathy’s story and the cold case unit.  Mr. Hinkle has worked on this bill for the last four years and all of us that have lost a loved one through a murder are thankful for him.
Tom Shamshak was interviewed and told the news media that Kathy’s case is solvable and that we were,” not going to leave any stone unturned” to solve it.  Our family is thankful for his desire to see justice served.  Also for his passion for those that cannot speak for themselves because their lives were snuffed out by someone who has no value for life.
Now the bill goes before  the Senate and if passed move on to the Governor where it then can be vetoed.
Note: We have received some response about Kathy’s murder because of the news coverage….

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