49 Years and Counting…

Will we ever stop counting the years Kathy went missing and found murdered in Franklin, NH, November 21, 1971? Probably not. We measure the days and years and calculate the time it’s gone unsolved. Who would have thought it would take this long to see the case solved and a conviction brought forth. Indeed, none of my family did. Yet, we continue to hope that we would hear the words, case solved, case closed.

As the years go by, days like today never seem to get more comfortable. We remember, and the pain is still there. We grieve the loss of Kathy and the life we expected to have with her.

This year is incredibly hard. I think it’s because of everything going on. The elections, Covid, isolation, and the passing of the last living suspect, Kenneth Bonnenfant, have not helped. I’m sure there are many feeling the pressure of this disturbing year. Grieving during a time of uncertainty makes it more difficult. I will be glad when 2020 is over and pray 2021 will be a better year.

I will always miss Kathy; that will never change. It saddens me not to have the time I could have had with her. To see her laugh, watch her mature into a woman, find someone to love, and have children. I know she would have been one incredible person.

So, today on this 49th anniversary of you going missing, searching for you, found brutally beaten, raped, strangled, stripped of your clothing, then run over by a car, I cry. I cry because of what happened to you and what could have been.

I love you, Kathy, and miss you terribly. One day we will be together again.

14 thoughts on “49 Years and Counting…”

  1. I am so sorry you are having a rough day. And pray for you and your family 👪 that this horrible crime gets solved very soon. Sending you hugs and so many prayers hun.


  2. My heart aches for you and your family and for all the years you have suffered. Yes, this year, 2020, has been awful. I hope and pray you and your family can find some peace in the coming years. Much love and light.


  3. So sorry that this case has never been solved. Such a miscarriage of justice. Thinking of you all this day with love. They tore Bonenfant’s house down recently in Tilton…his family must have sold it to car dealership that’s being built where it once stood. The evil that lurked there. Much love to you today. She is gone but NOT forgotten!


  4. I know you’ll never know for certain until you get to Heaven….but these Dukette man looks like the obvious killer to me. He hasn’t been ruled out, has he?

    DH ________________________________


  5. I used to live in Franklin for a few years back at the time it happened to your sister. There was a lot of speculation and very poor investigations into it, and it faded away. I read your two books a few years ago, and with all I had heard, and read; I am absolutely convinced Ken B. did it. The snow tires, the furnace excuse, the people he stayed with that night (he had almost admitted it to them) & etc. Way too many coincidences. It always irritated me that the law never got aggressive with this and made that arrest. He could have been put on trial and have it determined that way rather than just skate. Good Luck to you Karen.


    1. Thank you, Robert. I did six years of interviews and research for the writing of the second book. I was very careful to collect information that was verified by law enforcement and actual testimony. I agree, the information totally points to Kenneth Bonenfant. Thank you for contacting me.


  6. Karen is an amazing person and I’m so happy that she is in my life She has been an inspiration to so many people including me. I LOVE you Karen.


  7. We will never forget what happened to Kathy. It was horrible what happens to her. It is very sad that her case was not solved and that no one has ever come forward to tell your family what really happened that night. Sad that those involved will not be punished
    For their crime and didn’t leave any
    Last notes to confess what happened that terrible night.
    We leave it to God to punish them.


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