THIS MAN WAS NOT A HERO! He was the last living prime suspect in my sister, Kathy’s murder from 1971. SHE WAS THE HERO, AND IS NOW AN ANGEL. Their paths shall never meet again, she is in heaven and he is not. He took many secrets to his grave. The evil he did in his lifetime will now be his eternal consequence. Please, if you have information about Kathy’s murder come forward. He can’t hurt you or your family anymore. Contact the NH Cold Case Unit. https://www.doj.nh.gov/criminal/cold-case/https://


11 thoughts on “THIS MAN WAS NOT A HERO!”

  1. Praying someone will finally come forward. Time for some closure.

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  2. I’m not familiar with this man. I thought the Dukette guy did it.

    I’ve read your first book, but not your second.

    You’re right though about eternity – being a Mason isn’t what gets us to Heaven.

    DH ________________________________


    1. The second book has 6 years of research and over 50 interviews. Officers that worked on Kathy’s case are sure Bonenfant killed her but possibly others involved. There is an amazing testimony in the second book of someone that saw him the night Kathy disappeared. It’s pretty amazing the details she reported and has continued to report over the years. She never wavered even though she was afraid of Bonenfant. The police never made an arrest with Dukette because, even though detectives believed he was involved, they did not think he killed her.


  3. Hi Karen: I read two of your books. I used to live in Franklin about the time of Kathy’s murder. It was so tragic. I had sent an email or two to your sister a few years ago. I never mentioned the part in the book where Bonenfant said the furnace wasn’t working ,so he stayed in Laconia that night, and those people he stayed with said he was acting very strange, but did anyone ever follow up on it to see if he ever got a repair man for the furnace. Meaning it was an excuse. He always had an excuse so the police never pursued it. I still think there was enough circumstantial evidence to prosecute or at lease have a trial. Feel free to contact me. I think he was the one by the mountain of circumstantial evidence.


    1. Hello Bob,
      I do agree with you that there was enough circumstantial evidence back then to bring him to trial. Especially, in 1983 when detectives believed they had enough and were extremely disappointed that he was not charged. I’m thinking in 1971 they did not check to see if his furnace was fixed. The excuses went on and on. “We can’t ride in my car because I had a deer in it and it made a mess.” He had all his cigarette cartons etc in the back seat. Grace offered to help him clean out his back seat and he got furious. Not checking his trunk in 1971 was a huge mistake. There are so many things. When I did the research, (six years total) I started out trying to prove he didn’t do it. I wanted to be fair. But every time it would turn back to him and more and more I was convinced he did it.


      1. Thank you for the reply Karen; I remember the deer mentioned in the book, but didn’t know about cigarettes or especially the truck, and I’m sure there are more you’re aware of and to think it never got to a jury was a mis-carriage of justice. Perhaps to many council people or whatever in city government to afraid to make a move. Seems like something prevented it and it should not have. I wish you well and kudos to you for never giving up on this. Bob Johnson


  4. Every time I have driven by his house in Tilton over the last few years (ever since I read your book) I have cringed. And been angered and disgusted as well when I would drive by. It is terrible that he took that secret to his grave, that he was a murderer. According to the Bible, one of the worst things that any one can do on this Earth is to bring harm to a child. He certainly is having to answer for what he did now. I really hope people will come forward now that he has passed.


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