When A Sibling Is Missing/Murdered

One, I want my sister back, alive and well.

I never had the luxury to see Kathy grow up. A murderer made sure of that.   More than forty years has past and no one has ever been arrested. Unlike some still waiting for the return of their family member, Kathy Gloddy was found the following day. Beaten, raped, strangled, and run over, then left naked in the woods.

Second, I want truth.

Mistakes made, lies told, stories embellished and cover-ups should not be part of an investigation. On top of gut wrenching sorrow, my family had to digest deceit.

Third, I want justice.

My sister suffered greatly and the murderer still walks. I’ve always wanted earthly justice for her and for those that suffered after.   What happened to her can’t be changed but others could have been spared.

Four, I want to make a difference.

I want Kathy’s name to be remembered and for the changes her story has made on others.

  • Her story is used in Unsolved Homicide Training Sessions in law enforcement
  • Change laws/create cold case units
  • Educate Victims Advocates
  • Gives university criminal justice students perspective
  • Helps others facing the long lasting effects of missing/murdered

 This is dedicated to Lisa Buske, a sister.



Kathy Gloddy                                             Heidi Allen

Kathy Gloddy 13 Years OldHeidi Allen

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