Using technology can create activity on your unsolved murder or missing person’s case. When years have past since you’ve heard anything from law enforcement and you feel like nobody cares anymore looking for ways to make people aware can help. We want others to know our loved one’s murder or missing person’s case continues to be unsolved. Blogging is one way to do that.

I use WordPress and have blogged since 2009. When I started out I didn’t expect it to be what it is today. People follow it, respond to it and seek help through it. It’s been a source of facts, a trail of history for me. I’m able to look up events, dates, places and people I’ve had contact with. WordPress is an avenue I use to share information with others. I use it to post updates on the sequel to A Child is Missing and let people know of past and future speaking engagements. I can quickly pass on information about Kathy’s case, Cold Case Units and laws that need our attention.

There’s so much WordPress can do and I’m sure I don’t touch the surface of it’s potential. Quite frankly I get overwhelmed with keeping all my information websites updated. I have three Facebook pages, one personal and two others for the book and unsolved. I have an official book page, an Amazon, and Goodreads page. I also update LinkedIn. But WordPress has been my number one information site since I began telling people about my sister Kathy, promoting the book and expressing my passion in speaking to law enforcement about cold cases. I share my desire to see Cold Case Units started in every state.

In the beginning, I had no idea what to do but allowed patience to be my guide as I fumbled through the process. Initially, my daughter Joscelyn helped me get started. Since then I’ve advanced a little. I’m more capable of making changes. I set up another WordPress site for someone else seeking justice for her sister. You’ve heard the saying, “If I can do it anyone can” and if you knew me you would understand this to be true. Start your blog and share your story.

Use your blog site:

To release information~

To post pictures~

To encourage the public to get involved ~ When it comes to years of empty answers don’t be afraid to step out of the box in hopes of creating activity on your case.

To promote interviews with the media~

To interact with those understanding your pain~

To allow HOPE and purpose while you wait~



10th Annual National Missing Persons Conference
Group picture Conference

Photo taken by Carrie Elgbrett http://www.carrieeigbrettphotography.com/

Speaking at this conference was a life-changing event for me. Since Kathy’s murder I have never been around a group of people such as this. That’s saying something since it’s been over forty years since someone brutally took her life. Looking into the eyes of more than three hundred faces reflected the power of unity.

In attendance were law enforcement officers, search and rescue teams with their faithful dogs, Community United Effort (CUE) leaders, CUE volunteers and Guardian Angels of the streets. They dedicate their time to find, rescue and recover loved ones because they know what it’s like to drown in the pain of the unknown. While seeking answers about their missing or murdered they are willing to open their hearts and extend their hands to walk with another on the dark path that is familiar.

At first I felt like an outsider. It was obvious that relationships had been formed from previous years. But it wasn’t long before I had a strong connection to a group of people I’d never met before. A closer connection than some relationships I’ve had for years. When your eyes meet with another’s that’s experienced the pain of murder or have someone missing time isn’t needed to form a bond.



The conference was educational. I’m still trying to process. Some information was dark and covered the evil in the underground world. There is no doubt the depravity of man is alive and kicking. Thank goodness we have warriors willing to battle in the muck of it all.

The topics addressed were Forced Labor Around the Globe, Social media and law, Crime Scene Preservation, “Throwaway” People Become Cold Cases, Statement Analysis as an Investigative Tool, What’s Race Got to Do With It? My Child is Missing!, The Curious Allure of Serial Killers and The Unsolved Not Forgotten.

The weekend encompassed a mixture of emotions. Empathy, sorrow and grief emerged along with courage, hope and pride. Disgust, anger and frustration sometimes sat next to eagerness, amazement and triumph. Each day I hit the pillow exhausted but filled with admiration for Monica Caison the founder of CUE and her volunteers.

It was an honor to meet all involved with the 10th Annual National Missing Persons Conference. I definitely received more than I gave.

Thank you,

Monica Caison/Karen Beaudin

CUE’s Oath “I offer myself to those who have nowhere else to turn. These desperate people who ask for my help have unique situations. Yet, however unique, they are bound together with the commonality of being the loved one of a missing person.” Monica Caison http://www.ncmissingpersons.org