Can it possibly be forty-two years this November twenty first since the hands of a murderer/murderers eradicated the precious life of my sister Kathy? Can it also be possible that justice after all these years has never been obtained?  What’s amazing to me is the freedom these evil people have had while my family still suffers the loss of Kathy’s presence.  There isn’t much time for redemption for one of these men.  Death is knocking at his door.

I’ve done so many interviews over the past four years and some reoccurring threads run through my search for justice.    People still alive know exactly what happened to Kathy that night.  Some will say they can’t remember but do.  Others have days they cannot recall because of trauma.  Some know and will not and have not come forward because of fear and shame.  I believe the latter is the strongest thread that fights against justice for Kathy.  Allowing these men that care nothing for human life to live freely and continue to ruin life after life.

This November, the anniversary month of Kathy’s murder I beseech you.  The adults who were children in nineteen seventy-one and have lived in fear for over forty years. Fear of what happened to Kathy would happen to them or their families.   To those that have made the transition from fear to shame I plead with you to do the right thing and come forward.  Once terrified to come forward for so many years you now live in shame of anyone knowing your secrets.  Secrets are heavy burdens to bear for the rest of your life.

It is time to come forward, individually or as a group.  I pray that you would do it as a group and lean on one another for support.  You may think it is too late.  What good would come of it now?  But I tell you I would take it as a great act of courage.  When one lives with secrets you are constantly worried someone will find out.  Wondering, anticipating and waiting for your secrets to be revealed will always be exhausting.  Peace will never be obtained.  You’re married now, have children and possibly grandchildren.  I believe the courage you would show them by revealing the truth would make an impact on them and others. But the biggest impact will be on you.  For once in your life you won’t have to walk the path of secrecy and be tormented by the things you have not spoken of.

There is still time to stand alone or as a group.  There is no need to fear these evil men any more.  It is time to realize that you as an adult was threatened as a child and controlled by beast that cared nothing for you.  Don’t let them have that kind of power over you any more. Secrets, shame and guilt can eat away at the soul and leave a person empty.  Releasing truth and forgiveness can heal.   There is power in numbers, don’t be afraid.

II Timothy 1:7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.




Phew!  I really don’t know how detectives and law enforcement work on homicides, unsolved homicides and unresolved deaths.  Two days attending an Unsolved Homicide Symposium in Ohio put on by the BCI and I’m wiped out.  The first day I gave a power point presentation on my sister Kathy’s unsolved murder from 1971 and the rest of the time I listened. 

I admire these men and women for the work they do.  Not just in the field but all those that take a back seat and work diligently in the crime labs.  The crime scene investigators, latent print examiners, forensic anthropologist, pathologist, toxicologist, serologist, and so much more work with evidence that most of us would need a bucket to throw up in if we saw, smelled and handled what they do.  And of course we expect them to be super human and never make mistakes.    

In the midst of solving a case they have to work with funds available.  When the economy is bad they are hit with economic decisions. They cannot use funds freely on whatever they want.  Just like any business they deal with politics and the backlash of disgruntled citizens.  Oftentimes what goes on behind the scenes are not made known to the public and law enforcement officers absorb the fallout from individuals, families and the media.  Solving a murder is NOT just about solving a murder.  There is much more to it than that.  Of course I’ve known all of this for some time now.  I learned it the hard way.  Waiting forty years for a murder to be solved will do that to you.

In every business there are those that do there job extremely well and those that don’t.  I must say in the more than forty years dealing with law enforcement I have met a greater percentage that have done their job extremely well.  Thank you. 


Meeting with Judiciary went very well

Pleading for Justice
Pleading for Justice

On April 30th,2009 Ann, Janet and I spoke on behalf of the family to push for the cold case unit for New Hampshire.  We wore t-shirts with Kathy’s picture on the front and held posters up with pictures and information about her murder.  We held daisies in our hands, Kathy’s favorite flowers.  Each of us spoke to the committee and placed our hearts on the table about the pain we’ve had as a family, knowing Kathy was so brutally murdered.
My heart ached as I listened to my sisters talk about the need for a cold case unit.  Janet broke down crying, and I understood.  Someone who has gone through the same turmoil would understand.  I listened to others that spoke to the committee.  They expressed their desire to have a cold case unit.  It brought to mind that we are not the only family that has gone on for years without answers.
After the hearing, the family was interviewed by a number of newspapers.  The articles are posted in the section of “In The News.”  We are thankful for their interest in Kathy’s story and the cold case unit.  Mr. Hinkle has worked on this bill for the last four years and all of us that have lost a loved one through a murder are thankful for him.
Tom Shamshak was interviewed and told the news media that Kathy’s case is solvable and that we were,” not going to leave any stone unturned” to solve it.  Our family is thankful for his desire to see justice served.  Also for his passion for those that cannot speak for themselves because their lives were snuffed out by someone who has no value for life.
Now the bill goes before  the Senate and if passed move on to the Governor where it then can be vetoed.
Note: We have received some response about Kathy’s murder because of the news coverage….