Happy 62nd birthday to my forever 13-year-old sister, Kathy. Because a murderer stopped her life at 13, my family will never know her as a 62-year-old. Trapped in time, she won’t ever have the experiences growing up has to offer. I will always imagine what she would have been like if she’d had the chance to move forward in time.
Happy Birthday, Kathy.
I will always miss you. ❤️


Kathy Gloddy, Murdered November 21, 1971

Today makes 48 years since my sister Kathy was murdered. Her case is still unsolved. I know too many people that can say the same thing, they too, wait for the day when someone will say to them, case solved.

Whether a case is solved or not, the fact is, our loved one was murdered. The pain of that is severe, cutting through one’s very soul. We manage the pain the best way we can, and everyone does it differently.

One day, I hope to write about Kathy’s case being solved. But if it’s not, I will continue to persevere and exalt her in any way I can. She deserves to be honored.

I will always miss Kathy. My love for her will be forever. No matter what the future holds, we will always be eternal sisters.

I love you, Kathy.


Speaking at New Suffolk College UK

Yesterday, I spoke with students in several classes at New Suffolk College in the UK. The students were taking Forensic and Criminal Investigation classes. It was exciting to see so many students interested in these fields of study.

Recently, I talked with someone in law enforcement from the US and was told there is a shortage of interest to join law enforcement and investigative work. Reasons stated were, hours, pay, risks, the stress it puts on an individual and a family.  These are legitimate concerns, but we need people to fill these valuable fields of employment.  If we don’t, our society will be in trouble.

I received good feedback from the students and Harry Smy. Harry is head of Access to HE and Science at Suffolk New College. He has an extensive background in forensics and helped me during the writing of my book, A Child is Missing: Searching for Justice. I will share his link so you can check out the amazing work he’s done. Harry is young, and I’m impressed with all he’s accomplished in his life already. He truly lives by the saying, Carpe Diem. (“seize the day”)


Introduction by Harry Smy

Harry shared this with me last night, “The students haven’t stopped talking about you in the online group chats, and I’ve already had 2 parents contact me commending your talk and asking for more information!”

I also received a lovely letter from one student, her kind words were an encouragement to me. I hope, in return, I encouraged her to press on with her studies. We need dedicated individuals in all fields of law. I would like to see more female detectives.  As a child, it was difficult to speak with male detectives about such sensitive matters as rape, and the murder of my sister, Kathy.

Though exhausted from jet lag, and three speaking sessions in one day, it was a rewarding experience. I am truly blessed to be able to share Kathy with the world and to have her make an impact on so many lives. 

I’ll never forget Kathy or stop missing her. I won’t give up hope that one day, next to her name on the unsolved murders list in New Hampshire, it will no longer say unsolved but will say solved.