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34. A Child Is Missing

Karen Beaudin is the daughter of Earl and Lucielle Gloddy.  Karen grew up in a family of six, four girls, and two boys who were twins.    Unfortunately, two of her siblings died at a young age. 

The youngest, Kathy, was brutally beaten, raped, and murdered at the age of thirteen.  She was born, February 13, 1958, and murdered on November 21, 1971.

Her brother, Richard, died at the age of 29 from complications during open-heart surgery.  Richard was a twin to  brother, Roger.  Richard, was born on January 30, 1950.  He became a minister, and passed away in 1979.

Earl Gloddy, was born December 9, 1919, and passed away September 2, 1992, from cancer. Lucielle Mercier Gloddy, was born on March 18, 1920, and passed away on July 17, 1997, from suicide.

Karen’s surviving siblings are Ann, Roger, and Janet.  Karen and her siblings have faced much heartache in their lives, as children and adults.  

Writing A Child Is Missing: A True Story was a desire of Karen’s for a long time.   In great detail, she describes what it’s like to grow up, and live with the knowledge her younger sister was murdered.  She writes openly about the investigation. 

Karen’s sister, Kathy, was brutally murdered on November 21, 1971. The case was reactivated in 1983, and again in 2004. In 2006, Kathy’s remains were exhumed for DNA.

A Child Is Missing: A True Story, covers the emotional journey coping with the murder of my sister, Kathy. It exposes the reality that murder follows a family throughout their entire life. Future events often loop back to the day when a loved one’s life was snuffed out by the hands of a murderer. The book is used in training sessions with law enforcement, and victims’ advocates. Karen, speaks to law enforcement officers, victims’ advocates, and criminal justice students at universities about their role in a murder investigation. Some of her speaking engagements include, Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Ohio’s Homicide Initiative Training Sessions, 10th Annual Missing Persons Conference in North Carolina, Plymouth State University, and West Florida University.

A Child Is Missing: Searching for Justice is the sequel to A Child is Missing: A True Story. It was the result of six years of research, and interviews. Retired and current investigators spoke freely about the difficulties they faced while working on Kathy’s murder investigation.

“I didn’t always get the information I wanted. The unobtainable brought frustration, and disappointment, but the knowledge I did acquire was valuable. It brought forth information I had never known.”

Karen has been interviewed by Elizabeth Vargas from ABC 20/20, Bob Ward, Crime Reporter from Fox News Boston; Sean MacDonald, Andy Hershberger, and Ray Brewer from WMUR TV. In 2009, Karen, and her sisters, Ann and Janet, were influential in establishing New Hampshire’s first Cold Case Unit.

During Victims’ Rights Week, 2010, the Gloddy family received a certificate of appreciation from Governor John Lynch for their outstanding service on behalf of victims’ of crime. In 2012, the Ohio Attorney General recognized Karen for her advocacy in promoting Cold Case Units. Also, the Fraternal Order Of Police in Ohio for her valuable contribution to Ohio’s law enforcement community, and the Ohio Unsolved Homicides Initiative.

Through adversity, Karen’s desire is to make a difference. Through her faith, she finds strength. 

Kathy has never been forgotten, and justice is still sought by all of her siblings.


Kathy Lynn Gloddy ~ 1958-1971

11. A Child Is Missing

A Child is missing second editon


A Child is Missing: Searching for Justice























36 thoughts on “About The Author”

    1. Thank you Amy,
      Congratulations on your new little one. I’ve read the updates I’ve received. You guys must be so happy. Keep sending the updates I love to read them.
      Lots of good things are happening on Kathy’s case, it’s moving forward. New information coming out all the time. Having this private investigator has really made a difference.
      I covet your prayers, thank you.


  1. Karen,
    I met you a few days ago at the North Haverhill Fair in North Haverhill NH and was touched at the seemingly tireless effort that you and your family have put out in search of justice.

    God Bless you Karen and my prayers are with you and your family.

    North Haverhill, NH


    1. Sherri,
      Thank you for the encouraging comment. It is a weary road at times but I and my family are Kathy’s voice for justice, she deserves that and much more. I pray that her case will be solved for that reason and also for the peace it will give my family. Also, I know if Kathy’s case was solved it would give hope to others that have an unsolved murder in their family.
      Thank you again,


  2. Karen I spoke w/you at the North Haverhill Fair last evening (Fri. 7.24.09). Your rendition of the tragic events that took your sister’s life gave me cold chills that stayed with me for hours. I empathise with you and your family as I too lost a sister to murder (abusive ex-husband) in 1979, an era that had no justice for victims of domestic violence. I cannot imagine the pain and litany of other emotions your family must have with the injustice of not having this case solved and punishment given out. I wish the best for you and your family. Please feel free to contact me as I too lobbied for legislative change for Survivors of Violent Crime. I wish to give you any and all support I can.



    1. Dear Vikki,

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t understand how people can take another’s life like it had no value at all.

      Seeing the Cold Case Unit bill signed by the Governor, (the bill of hope to us) was so rewarding. Kathy’s case may not be the one solved but someone’s will and I and my family will be happy about that.

      Continue to fight the battle as you have, you are among other “Warriors.” We press on for those that no longer can.

      Take care,


  3. Karen,
    I was the one who drew the tickets at the North Haverhill Fair. I’m the “North Haverhill Fair Queen”. Your sisters story is very devastating. I’m so sorry for all that you have to go through. I am going to send a small donation to go towards the rewards fund. I hope that all is well with you. It was an honor to get to participate in such a great thing. I am proud to have been apart of it at the fair. Thank you so much again!
    All My Love,


    1. Hi Brittany,

      I remember you well. Thank you so much for picking the tickets out at the North Haverhill Fair, it was sweet.

      As I looked into your face I could see a true desire to know Kathy’s story. Use it to see how important it is to love those around you. Never forget to let them know how much you love them.

      Use life’s lessons to make this world a better place. Contribute your talents, even as a young women. It can show others that even a little can turn into a lot and make a difference.

      Take care Brittany, thank you for wanting to make a contribution to Kathy’s cause. Never give up on your dreams….



  4. I can’t wait to read this, Karen. You and your family have gone through hell. I hope the day comes soon when you can find the sick person who did this to Kathy. You are all in my prayers daily. God Bless you and yours. Noelle


    1. Thank you Noelle for the interest in reading A Child Is Missing. It means a lot to me and my family that people still care about Kathy’s murder and our will to still seek justice. Kathy’s murder may not be solved but someone’s murder will through the Cold Case Unit. My family will know that we had a part in making that happen and that our fight for the Cold Case Unit was not in vain.
      God Bless,


  5. Dear Karen
    I am so proud of you for all your hard work writing this book. I hope by doing this it will bring some closure for you & your family. I find it hard to imagine something like this happening. my prayers go with you an my love as well Ellie


    1. Dear Eleanor, I am thankful God gave me this opportunity to tell Kathy’s story. Sometimes through great trials God reveals to us great blessings if we keep our hearts tender and our eyes open. Thank you for your kind words.


  6. Karen,

    Again, I’m very proud of what you’ve accomplished! I’ve already got my pre-order in, and I’m very much looking forward to reading your book. Would love to see you again one of these times you’re back east.




    1. Thank you Ken for your kind words and for pre-ordering the book. My heart is revealed in this book and I’m sure you’ll know that once you read it. I give glory to God for making it happen.
      Hope to see you soon,


  7. Karen,
    We at MVBT are so proud of you and you’re in our daily prayers. God has blessed us so much by sending you to be part of our Church and to our Sunday School class.

    Psalms 89:24
    But my faithfulness and my mercy [shall be] with him: and in my name shall his horn be exalted.

    We love you,


    1. Thank you Rob,
      I covet the prayers of all and know that there is power in them. Sometimes in great sorrow there is given great blessing. And even though the pain may be great, sometimes almost unbearable, God is tender in His care. May He be glorified in my life, may He have grace with me when I fail and may I always remember the great love He has given me through His Son, Jesus Christ.


  8. Dear Karen,
    For some crazy reason, I was unaware of all the activity this past year with Kathy’s case and your family’s quest for the Cold Case Unit in NH, until the airing of the 20/20 Special. I saw a recorded version the following day and cried throughout the story that was told with such compassion and sensitivity. It was eerie; like being back in 1971 and I dreamed about the tragedy all weekend and relived that horrible time. I recently learned of Kathy’s website and was privileged to make a contribution to it just last night. I had been wanting to reconnect with you (it’s been at least 25 years!) and something moved me to do it last night. Perhaps it was God nudging me…? Then I sat down to watch the news tonight on WMUR-TV and they featured you and your sisters accepting the award for your tireless work for Victims’ Rights and the NH Cold Case Unit. Again, your story moved me to tears and I searched the Internet until I hit upon this site. I am ordering a book with the promise to SELL, SELL, SELL more to anyone who will listen. I also feel an obligation to donate to the Reward Fund at FSB. I couldn’t do anything when we were 15, but I can certainly do something now! With love and great admiration for you, Janet, Ann & Roger, -Gloria


    1. Dear Gloria,
      Thank you so much for all that you shared with me. The last
      2 1/2 years has been quite a whirlwind. With the work on the Cold Case Unit, writing and editing the book, seeing it printed and also enduring some personal trials, I’m quite exhausted emotionally and physically. But seeing the Unit get started and to physically hold a book is pretty amazing and most rewarding.
      Thank you for your support in all that you would like to do. We are deeply grateful. I know that Kathy’s murder still haunts many. I write about the pale blue parker that was taken from your sister so the police would know what they were looking for if they came upon her coat. I instructed Tate Publishing to make sure the parker on the cover of the book was pale blue.
      My heart is overwhelmed with how many people still care and hurt over what happened to Kathy. We miss her.
      Love, Karen


  9. Karen,

    I have thought many times about you and your family, about Kathy and about the events of that dreadful evening in Franklin. As kids we used to feel safe in Franklin, but after Kathy’s murder that all changed. We know that Kathy knew the person(s) that did this to her so who could we trust? How could anyone hurt her. She was such a sweet girl…and your baby sister.

    I was brought to tears to see the story on 20/20 and to be reminded that Kathy’s innocense was brutially taken away from her which left you, her family, searching for peace…. a peace only God can fill.

    I have followed her story from 1971 and read anything I can on the subject. I do pray that you will one day find the answers you and your family so deserve. Somehow reading about you and your family makes me feel close to you. I would love to hear from you or even see you when you are in New Hampshire. I remember fondly our years at St. Mary’s, the high school years and the many over nights we shared. May God Bless you and your family, Karen.



    1. Simone,
      I remember you well. Thank you for your comments, I do love to hear from others about how they remember Kathy. The tragedy sent many into a state of fear, Franklin was never the same.
      Filming and then seeing the 20/20 was so surreal. The whole event was difficult to comprehend. It seems that everytime we are in the media, more information comes out that could be helpful in solving this crime. We have not given up hope that justice may still be delivered to us. We continue to fight for her and others that are waiting for that day.
      In early June I will begin a book tour for A Child Is Missing, maybe I’ll get an opportunity to see you then.
      Thank you for still caring,


  10. Dear Karen,
    I just ordered your book and am anxiously waiting to read it. I remember with tears today the tragedy that rocked our safe little city of Franklin off its foundation and left all of us mourning not only for the terrible loss of your sister’s life, but also for the loss of security that we all had previously enjoyed. I was only 9 yrs. old back then, but I remember vividly what a shock and loss it was for us all. I can only imagine what it was like for you and your family to suffer through this trial in life, yet I can see that you have found a way to turn it to some good by fighting for victim’s rights and working to get the NH Cold Case Unit. You are a witness to us all. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you will have peace in the knowledge of God’s saving grace and in His promise to us that, in the end, justice will be served. May God bless you and keep you! ~ Shirley


    1. Dear Shirley,
      Thank you for ordering the book, I appreciate your support. A Child Is Missing is filled with many emotions, some of despair. But also, I pray that people will see hope in a time that many feel hopeless. Kathy’s murder did change our town forever, I never felt safe again. Many changed their outlook on life because of the brutality in which Kathy was murdered.
      Fighting for the Cold Case Unit with my sisters was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I know Kathy would be proud, she was such a fighter for causes. Seeing the bill pass and the unit established has brought new hope and new light on many cases that have been on the shelves way too long. We know that there is progress being made. No one may ever be charged for Kathy’s death but someone will face justice in one of the cases unsolved and when that happens we will rejoice with that family.
      Thank you for your comment and your kind words,


  11. Hi Karen,
    We’ve never met, but I was speaking with a very close friend of mine tonight who just met you over the weekend. She and her sister discussed with you on Saturday that their sister passed away about a year ago. As you know, there are so many questions with no answers. My heart goes out to the family because I can only imagine the turmoil that goes on in the minds and hearts when everything is so “unsolved” and unknown. I lost my only sibling when I was 11 years old. She was only 14 and died as a result of illness. At least we knew why and how it happened. It’s difficult enough to go through the death itself without dealing with the violence aspect and the unknown details and unanswered questions.
    There was also a girl who disappeared a few years ago not far from where I live. Again, I didn’t know the family, but this haunts me because I travel the same road that she disappeared from almost daily. I so wish they could find out what happened to her.
    Thank you so much for fighting to get the cold case unit in this area. I sincerely hope that it will be able to help solve one or possibly both of these two cases as well as your sister’s. I’m sure it would bring some sense of closure to the families, friends and people who may not know the family, but still care.
    God Bless you and your family and thank you again for bringing something good out of your tragic experience.


    1. Thank you Robin for the response to the encounter I had this weekend. I firmly believe that we were put into each other’s paths for a reason and it was not by chance that it happened. My heart goes out to anyone that lives with questions in a loved one’s death. I hope that the Cold Case Unit will supply more answers to those that wait. The DNA bill which passe recently is also important. It will allow authorities to enter DNA from every convicted felon into the system. A felon may be arrested for a crime that some feel the DNA does not need to be entered, but we do not know if he’s committed a crime such as rape, murder etc. in another state or in the state in which the arrest has been made. DNA will help to locate the person if another crime is committed in the future. A felons DNA in the system can help another state find a murderer. Maybe a person’s been arrested and convicted of robbery but because the person’s DNA is in the system another state may be looking for him in relation to a murder. This law will give the Cold Case Unit and Homicide Unit better odds in making an arrest on a recent murder or an unsolved.
      I pray that people will get involved and believe that they can make a difference, just as my family did. When we first began our fight for the Unit and DNA bill we never imagined that what we had to say would matter. It did, and we are already seeing the fruits from Units hard work. The recent arrest of a 1989 quadruple homicide is our reward, progress is being made. I pray that this case that you speak of will reap some of the benefits of our fight. That the easy route will not be taken and a thorough investigation will be done so that the family will know the truth about what happened. Wherever the truth lands, in these situations; it’s never easy.
      To all that care and still seek justice, God Bless!


  12. Karen I just read your book , couldn’t put it down read it in 2 days . It really brought me back to that time when Franklin changed . The book was very well written and its unbeleivable the way you have found the strength to keep moving forward

    Bernie mailloux


    1. Bernie,
      Thank you for reading A Child Is Missing and taking the time to comment on it. I appreciate all the feedback I get and it’s been encouraging to me. My heart and many tears went into writing this book. Sometimes I would go to a Barnes and Noble to write, just to get out of the house, when you write a book like this and lived it you can start to isolate yourself and for me that was not good. I often would be so involved in the writing and realize that there were tears coming down my cheeks. I’d look up and say to myself, “Karen, you’re in a bookstore.” Or someone would make me jump when they dropped a book. I hope that many people will read A Child Is Missing, it will help them understand what a family truly goes through. I would recommend it or a book like it to police officers and detectives in training. So they might understand the pain a family is going through when an investigation is taking place. I want people to find hope in this book, there is always, always something to live for.
      Take care and live well,


    1. I know Dorothy, it does feel like that at times. I try to remember the good we’ve done, I know Kathy would be proud. I still have hope……


  13. hi karen

    i have recently read your book. i am speachless. i guess all i can say is i pray for you,your family and your sister you lost at such a young age. i hope you all find closure soon. and also this is such a small world when i read your dedication at the end of the book i was surprised we know the same people. mr and mrs kirby are wonderful people i have known the family for a very long time.

    with all my love and prayers


    1. Dear Michelle,
      Thank you for reading the book and for your prayers. God has taught me to look at the past, present, and the future differently. I really have to give Him all the glory for the book and for all I’ve been able to accomplish.
      The Kirby’s have been dear friends of mine for a long time. I’ve known your mom Fran for quite a while too. The world is even smaller than we thought!
      Take care Michelle,


  14. Karen, I was a classmate of Kathy’s and remember going to your house after school sitting in the kitchen having a snack before we went and played basketball. I think of Kathy often my girls know all about her and the terrible things that happened to her as I have told them the story many times over the years. I just read your book and my heart breaks for you and your family and the pain you have endured over the years. The public only the details on the news and in the papers but we had no idea the pain your family was going through. I know that Kathy would be extremely proud of the work you have all done to try and find justice for her and may others. It is said God has a reason for everything and I know he knew he would make you stronger through your pain so you could stand up and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. God Bless
    Theresa Cote


    1. Thank you Theresa. It is good to hear from those that knew Kathy, I hope others will share with me. It helps me to know her in a way I did not. Often my thoughts are about her murder, it’s hard to see beyond that. As I prepare to write the sequel my emotions run amuck. I know how much work the first one was. To write such things my mind must go to places that are difficult to remember but I feel it’s important. I encourage anyone that knew her to contact me. I would be grateful if they could tell me something about her whether it be in confidence or are willing to share with others.
      Thank you,


  15. Karen, I just read your book last night. I could not put it down until it was finished. I was in Kathy’s classes at St. Mary’s. coming from a large poor family, I always felt out of place in school. Kathy, was one of the few who treated everyone as a person who mattered. It wasn’t about what they wore or what kind of house they lived in,to her it was about having fun and being nice to everyone. I remember you faintly. I always took the bus from the rec center to the old beach during summer vacation, and I remember sitting by you once. I thought you were so pretty, just like your sister, Kathy. I teach at a high school and I plan to recommend your book to my colleagues and share your story with students (I have shared Kathy’s story with many of them over the years). God bless you and your family.


    1. Thank you Mary for sharing that memory of Kathy. It’s hard for me to remember her beyond the murder. When people share stories about her it sheds light on who she was. It’s balm to my soul and fills in some of the emptiness I feel.
      Thank you,


  16. I just read your book A Child is Missing. I have lost family members but could never imagine having a sibling murdered or a parent committing suicide. No one should have to go through that and I am so sorry you did. I just want to say that you are in my prayers and helped to open my eyes to the world. I am only 14 and never thought of anything bad happening to someone close. I will hope and pray for justice to finally be brought to your family after all these years but know that Kathy is at peace with the world. Don’t let anything hold you back from being happy. You deserve it.


    1. Dear Emily,
      You touched my heart with your words. Such tenderness from a sweet spirit. Thank you for reading my book. As you grow up, remember there’s so much we can do to help others. Find your gift and share it. I’m working on the sequel and it’s difficult writing, your words have encouraged me. Thank you. I pray your life is beautiful.


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