November 21st haunts me every year. For numerous reasons, it is incredibly daunting in 2022. For one, Kathy’s case continues to be unsolved. Fifty-one years is a long time to wait for answers.

I still remember how cold it was the night she went missing. I wondered if she dressed warm enough to sustain the freezing temperatures. When they found her body naked and only in knee-high socks pulled down to her ankles, I couldn’t help but think the person that hurt her was a monster.

Most likely, Kathy was dead when he left her body on the ground that November night. But after beating, raping, strangling, and removing her clothes, he ran over her with his vehicle to ensure he left her lifeless.

Some keep their secrets about Kathy’s murder, thinking it won’t change anything. I’m telling you, it will make a difference to my family if you come forward. A dear friend of mine, JoAnne, continually prays for the day; when someone says, “Case closed, Justice served.” That is my prayer too.

Another reason this year is challenging is that my 45-year-old son-in-law, Josh, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in April-an inoperable terminal brain tumor. Our world is spinning, and we are trying to slow it down. My beautiful daughter, Missy, and their three sons, Wyatt, Logan, and Tucker, face unbelief and pain while they navigate this path. It breaks my heart.

After Josh’s diagnosis, he began radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment killed so many cancer cells the tumor started to bleed, causing a hemorrhagic stroke. We watched as the helicopter airlifted him to The James in Columbus, Ohio. The news from the doctor is, “His chance of survival is slim.” Josh fooled them all and us; he is still fighting for more time with all that love him.

Josh reminds us that “God is good” through it all. I try to remember that when it seems too much to bear. The memories from my haunting past, the battles of today, I say the words that Josh believes, no matter what happens, “God is good,” all the time.

I love and miss you, Kathy. I love you, Josh, and thank you for loving me.

4 thoughts on “GOD IS GOOD”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this news about your son in law. Sending healing prayers.

    I wish those that still know what happened to Kathy would come forward. I believe some of those involved have passed this life without confessing their crime.


  2. You’re a woman of great faith. I know you’ve had some terrible experiences in life, but I promise that God will increase your reward in Heaven!


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