Contact the NH Cold Case Unit With Information on Kathy Lynn Gloddy Murder

Since the release of A Child is Missing: searching for justice individuals have contacted me with information about Kathy’s murder. I’ve passed this information on to the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit.

I encourage anyone with information about Kathy’s murder to contact the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit. You can leave detailed information with or without your name.

If you gave law enforcement information years ago, it’s important to contact the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit and give that information again. Leaving your contact information would be helpful in case they need to talk to you. Most likely, the original contact information you gave law enforcement has changed.

I am positive individuals have information detectives need. Now is the time to come forward and give them any information you have. And anyone that gave information in the past, make sure the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit has it and your updated contact information.


4 thoughts on “Contact the NH Cold Case Unit With Information on Kathy Lynn Gloddy Murder”

  1. I received my copy of the book a few weeks ago, and I must say I haven’t been able to put it down! You did such a good job on this Karen. Whoever designed the book cover is a creative genius, it is hauntingly beautiful and speaks volumes. One of the heroes in the book, in my opinion, is Grace Dodge….she came forward, not once, but several times, and to no avail. She has always wanted to tell the truth and do the right thing, and I admire her for that… and for not allowing fear of a bully and a monster keep her silent. We have been friends with the Beaupre family for made decades, the parents were very kind and wonderful people, I had no idea they were your childhood neighbors. I found myself feeling so many different emotions while reading this gripping story. I am very thankful that you have met many good people along the way who have been kind. One of the parts that really touched my heart for the positive was the beautiful dream you had about Kathy being at the Franklin Ski Area….how beautiful and precious. Now that I have finished reading the book, I am going to gift it to someone else to read, with the expectation that they will do the same, to keep Kathy’s story going. Thank you!


    1. Carolee, thank you for sending me this message. You focused on so many things I hoped the reader would experience. The cover was a combination of ideas I sent them. They presented me with two designs. I liked certain things in each of them. I asked if they would create a new cover combining the things I liked and with that, the final cover was created. The dream of Kathy made a huge impact on me. I know she is at peace. Again, thank you for sending me this message.


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