Tate Publishing-A Child is Missing: searching for justice Published Author, Karen Beaudin

A Child is Missing:searching for justice:a true story is ready to ship from Tate Publishing to me.  As soon as I receive them, the pre-sale orders will go out. You can order at  A Child is Missing:Searching for Justice

Tate has chosen May 31, 2016, for the release date to the public.

A quote from A Child is Missing:searching for justice

“Dr. Roland H. Beaudry did the preliminary coroner’s report. Beaudry was deeply affected by what he saw that night. A doctor would understand the pain Kathy had experienced before her death. The blows she received would tell him part of the story. This affected him for the rest of his life. He had daughters, and the thought of something like that happening to them was terrifying.”

“Two days after Kathy’s murder, an area foot search was done where her body was found. Valuable time had already slipped away, along with evidence. Officers Guy L. Magoon, Gerald Gauthier, and Arthur Richard performed the search. Chief Everett Tucker and Alfred Miner from the Hill Police Department were also present. During ten and eleven o’clock in the morning, the search included both sides of Webster Street from Kimball to Route 11. The search didn’t provide any new evidence. Another foot search was conducted on both sides of the road of Flaghole Road to the Andover line. The starting point was Webster Street. That too didn’t produce any new clues about who committed this heinous crime.”


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