Plymouth State University Speaking Engagement

On 4/6/2016, I speak to the Criminal Justice students at Plymouth State University.  It is a privilege to speak to those that will one day be our future in the judicial system in some way.  I strive to impact them with Kathy’s story.  I hope as they move forward in their lives they will always remember her and the fact that tragedy if survived, can be used to make positive changes.

I emphasize these three things.

  1.  What you say and do will affect a victim’s family for the rest of their lives.  In a positive or negative way.
  2. Murder follows a family and oftentimes a community for the rest of their lives. A few of the ways this happens is through grief, investigation, reactivations, trials, appeals, the media.
  3. You can make a difference.  Don’t underestimate what one person can do.  Don’t sit back and be a spectator, get involved.   I don’t believe we are on this earth to serve self.  Make laws, change laws, donate your time to a worthy cause.  Be passionate, care about something!

4 thoughts on “Plymouth State University Speaking Engagement”

  1. Please tell the students, that you yourself looking in hind site, believe that things that should have happened, didn’t happen, things that should have been looked into weren’t looked into until much later, the things that went wrong that might have solved this case. These students must really put effort and thought into their future careers and cases.


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