Latest Update~ A Child is missing-searching for justice

A Child is Missing-searching for justice is still in the layout phase. I received the digital layout and began working on it. A few days later, the physical copy of the book came in. The layout for the book wasn’t right. I stopped working on the digital copy and notified the publishers. Currently, the book is with the corrections department to rectify this problem.

I’m waiting for a new digital and physical copy to be sent to me. Once I receive them, I’ll finish the editing. On completion, the digital will go back to the publishers, and the corrections will be made. After the corrections are finished, the digital copy comes back to me. I’ll look at the copy one more time, if changes are needed, I’ll make them, if not, I’ll sign an approval form, and it will go to the print department. At this point, the publishers will give me a release date. Typically, it takes three months for the print process.

The cover has been approved and I’ve seen it. It’s moving.

Thank you for your inquiries,


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