How Do I Honor My Sister Kathy Gloddy (44 Years-Murdered 1971)


November 21, 2015, will be 44 years since my sister Kathy Lynn Gloddy was murdered in Franklin NH. She was 13 years old. Detectives call her murder “overkill” and “brutal”.

No one has ever been arrested. Do I still wish for justice? Would I like the killer to be apprehended? Yes.

But I’ve come to a point in my life of not waiting for that to happen. Over the years, I’ve found other ways to honor her. By doing this, I feel she’ll be remembered for years to come as someone that helped others even after her passing.

I don’t live my life in bitterness, hatred, or jealousy. It’s not profitable in helping others and achieving a legacy for her.

Even though there was corruption in Kathy’s investigation, I refuse to believe everyone in law enforcement is corrupt. I’ve met some incredible men and women that serve us honorably.

After 44 years, Kathy has made an impact on so many and that’s what I want to remember.

She was a key element in forming the first NH Cold Case Unit.   They may not solve her case, but Kathy would be pleased to know other murders have been solved. Just because they’ve not been able to make an arrest, does not mean they don’t know who was involved.

Her story has influenced victims’ advocates. It helps them better understand what a young person is going through when their sibling has been murdered.

That influence has carried over into law enforcement. One supervisor told me after searching a bedroom during an investigation that he instructed his detectives to leave it just as they had found it. This was a direct result from reading A Child is Missing-a true story. He told me how Kathy’s story affected him and it made him look at an investigation differently.

Kathy’s influenced university students. After hearing about Kathy’s murder, one man told me it confirmed to him why he wanted a degree in criminal justice. He hoped to make a difference as a detective and would remember to be careful about the words he chose when talking with a family.

People know about Kathy in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and now Japan.

Long after I’m gone, A Child is Missing-a true story and A Child is Missing-searching for justice will continue to tell her story. The sequel will release names, places, and facts about the investigation. It was heartbreaking to write but necessary and long overdue.

After 44 years of missing Kathy, how do I honor her? This is how I honor her.

Love you Kathy

6 thoughts on “How Do I Honor My Sister Kathy Gloddy (44 Years-Murdered 1971)”

  1. While I am sure that it is not easy to share your pain with others, I know that you have helped many victims of violent crimes and will help many more in the future. I am so proud of you for sharing your story in an effort to make a difference in other’s lives!


  2. I’m very sorry for your loss. In hoping you get answers as its been way to long. I’m very interested in reading the sequel please let me now when it comes out. Thank you.


  3. I’d just like to post a WISH that they catch the person or persons responsible. That recent video showing Kathy, I would hope may be a key. To Janet thank you for emailing with me and answering some of my questions. Hind sight is 20/20, but I believe the initial investigation failed in many ways, and the outcome should have been different.


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