The Beginning of Production

I heard from Tate Publishing today.  The book is about to start production and will go through four phases.  It will take approximately four to six weeks to finish each phase.  Taking into consideration various factors the time could be less or extended. The first phase is editing, second phase is cover design, third phase is layout and the final phase is proofing.

While working on the editing the cover design preparation will begin.  Today I filled out my wishes and ideas for the cover of A Child is Missing-searching for justice a true story.  Tate is good about considering my creative thoughts and the last time the process was positive.

Here we go!

8 thoughts on “The Beginning of Production”

  1. Glad to hear that all your hard work is finally coming to fruition. I am eagerly waiting for the release of your second book. You did such a great job writing the first one, I’m sure this one will be just as powerful.


    1. Thank you Shirley. I did some pre-editing before the manuscript was sent so I’m hoping the editing and rewriting will be less than last time. I appreciate your comment about the last book.


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