Record American 2 Nov 24 1971On the twenty first of November, another year slips by since my beautiful sister Kathy was murdered.   November’s memories of nineteen seventy-one recap the loss my family has suffered.

A coward and pathetic man, beat, raped and strangled my sister. Running over her with his car, his tires left his final marks. All these years he’s been allowed to live his life freely while we tried to come to terms with never seeing Kathy again. Knowing what was done to her continues to wound us even forty-three years later. A lowlife took his anger and “I won’t be denied” attitude out on a thirteen year old girl. She fought you to the very end.

As I work on the sequel, research and interviews continue. I’m willing to talk to anyone that has information and encourage you to speak with someone in the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit.

Anyone with information on the activities going on in Franklin back in the seventies, I urge you to come forward. It takes great courage after all these years to do the right thing. I understand it may be embarrassing, conjure up memories you’ve tried to forget and release information you’d rather no one knew about.

Thank-you to those who’ve come forward in the last two years, I know it wasn’t easy. I’m asking for Kathy, it’s time to stand up for her. And if you will not, I will. When A Child is Missing-searching for justice comes out they will know…


20 thoughts on “THEY WILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID…”

  1. I feel your heart and your conviction when I read these words. I am praying for justice to be done and I am so so sorry that Kathy’s life was taken so young by a MONSTER


    1. Lisa,

      Thank you my dearest friend. You understand. We hold each other up in prayer as we walk through the doors God opens for each of us. I pray your precious Heidi will be found soon.


  2. I lived in NH my childhood, police suck there. I had, a family member rape and beaten at 16. For years, she was withdrawn from family. The police in so many words said, she might have asked for it. What were you wearing was the first question. Really, she was raped what she was wearing should have never been a thought on anyone’s mind. Of course, the cops were men; they never even looked into the case.
    She turned to drugs and we almost lost her to an overdose. She is ok now, but for years, this has hunted her, and I guess me too. I was there when she was dropped off in our driveway; I was the one who carried her in the house. I was the one who called my father’s work (you have no idea how hard that was). I had never seen my father cry before until that night.
    I have no faith in NH Police and especially Lake Region area police, including all the surrounding areas. They will not act on any information that is giving; they are not qualified to investigate anything.
    I wish you all the best in finding this Monster and when you find him, I pray someone runs him over after they cut everything off first very slowly. Make him suffer and endure the pain he inflicted onto your sister and your family.
    I look forward to your next book. I’m am praying for your families closure.


    1. Diana,

      Thank you for contacting me. I’m so sorry for the pain your family has endured. I still can see the grief on my parent’s faces. I have a picture of my dad I use at speaking engagements; no words need to be said. His face is full of grief.

      I try to reach law enforcement with Kathy’s story hoping it will change the way they look at things and for some it has. It’s important they know what they say and their actions can change a person’s view of them for the rest of their life. I have met good and bad in the law enforcement field.

      My heart goes out to your family member that was abused. This should never happen to anyone. No one ever ask or provokes to be treated in such a way. The criminal is always in the wrong not the victim.

      I wish her, your family and you well.


      1. Thank you, I pray you and your family will find peace someday. I will continue to follow you and this case, what you have done for your sister and family is amazing. God bless you, you are a very strong women don’t ever give up… You will find the Monster…


    1. Call again. If I’ve learned anything I’ve learned to be persistent, have tenacity and not be discouraged or give up when things don’t happen the way I want them to. Contact the NH Cold Case Unit again and again if you have to. They are overwhelmed with the work they do. Sadly, if we are not proactive things slip through the cracks. If there is anything you want to talk to me about you can email me at ksbeaudin@gmail.com
      Thank you Terry!


    1. Thank you. We must stand up for those that cannot not speak for themselves. They still deserve some kind of justice and the criminal needs to be accountable and punished.


  3. You are a wonderful sister. Because of you, your sister continues to be remembered. We lived just up over the hill from where Kathy died. My first recollection is of the children who got off the school bus near the little bridge came home and said the street was blocked
    off beyond that stop. Then I got the phone call. I don’t even remember who called me. Shock. The next several days were among the most traumatic of my life. I can’t imagine what it was like for your family. My heart goes out to you today just as it did back then.


    1. Barb, thank you for your comment. When I talk about Kathy’s murder and how so many are still affected by it. It’s sad that her case still lingers as an unsolved. Her murder changed the way we looked at Franklin and how safe it was.


  4. Karen,’
    I still remember that day 43 years ago. How frightened and saddened the whole town of Franklin was. Fond memories of Kathy playing basketball at the rec center. I hope your family gets the answers you so deserve. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


    1. Thank you Cheryl. One thing I’ve realized in all the research and interviews I’ve done is many are permanently scarred by what happened to Kathy. Though an arrest is practically impossible, I hope that her case may be closed one day. It’s shameful how the deceit and secrets have hindered an arrest.


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