Plymouth State University

I want to thank Mark J. Fischler and Kristine M. Levan, Associate Professors in the Criminal Justice Program at Plymouth State University, New Hampshire for allowing me to speak.  I enjoy working with students and truly look forward to the interaction when I’m done.  That’s when I see their passion come out for the career they hope to pursue. It’s rewarding.

I mentioned Theresa Reed, a university employee murdered in nineteen ninety-one.  With nods some acknowledged the case. Craig Conkey, already serving two life sentences for previous murders in nineteen ninety-two and ninety four confessed to killing Reed. He admitted to the murder while in prison in two thousand twelve. With this I talked about the word ‘closure’ and how a victim and their family might have a conviction but never closure.

My sister Kathy was brutally murdered in nineteen seventy-one and found the following day but that doesn’t give me closure. If there were a conviction today I still would not have closure. She and my family would have some form of justice but real closure would involve her return just as she was before the crime.   I do believe one day I will see her again, unharmed and as beautiful as she once was.

I’m thankful my sister Ann and my daughter Nicole were able to attend. I appreciate their support.

Press on, give back and don’t lose hope…

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