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Having a vigil for your loved one missing or murdered is a good way to attract media attention on your unsolved case. Our first vigil for Kathy was in July of 2009.





If you’ve never had a vigil or are ready to repeat one, vigils are an excellent way to invite the media and get your story out to the public. Make sure your prepare for the vigil. Promoting by flyers, emails, texting, Facebook, WordPress and any other social media will help make the vigil a success. Notify your local media. Newspapers or news stations should be notified well in advance. Your vigil honors the one murdered or missing but also informs the public the case goes unsolved.

Having a master of ceremonies helps to keep the event organized and moving forward. They can introduce speakers, music, and inform guest. It helps to have a program, something everyone can follow. Delegate duties to family and friends. People usually want to help in some way. One individual may take care of contacting the media, another food if refreshments are offered. Friends might hand out programs, flowers and answer questions. Others can pass out the candles to be lit. Have wind protectors around your candles so they won’t blow out. Make sure helpers have the information needed to answer quest questions. If refreshments are served at another location have the address printed out on the program.

The media will want to interview family. Be prepared with information they might need. Have photos of your loved one they can use in their story. Setting a time for the interview before the vigil begins is helpful. This enables family to talk to quest that have come after the vigil. The media can interview others not in the immediate family or friends during that time. Invite the media for refreshments if served. Most likely they will decline because of their deadlines but it’s a nice gesture. Anything you can do to make their job easier will be remembered and help with future request to cover your story.

Vigils honor our loved ones but also produce positive results making the public aware of our unsolved cases.

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