A young man named Tony contacted me and asked for an interview.  He had chosen cold cases as his topic for a report he was doing in school.  It intrigues me when a young person is interested in unsolved cases.  This is the third interview I’ve done with someone doing a similar project. Each time I wonder if one of them will be a future detective, work in law enforcement, strive to be a forensic scientist or an investigative journalist.  I’m willing to help them understand what’s involved in solving a cold case.

Tony’s preparation impressed me.  It was obvious from the questions he asked that he had done his research on Kathy’s case.  He’d read newspaper articles, talked to others about the case and was prepared to ask me some specific questions.  His sensitivity to the subject was moving.  “If it gets too hard and you want to stop please let me know” he said.  In all the interviews I’ve done over the years I’ve never had anyone tell me that. 

After a series of thirty-five questions Tony continued to ask me if I had pictures of specific people and of Kathy’s dog.  He was working on a timeline and inquired about Kathy’s whereabouts during the day.  “I read in a newspaper article that Kathy was seen at Franklin High School that night.  Is that true?”  He didn’t accept what was written in the newspaper as truth.  He was willing to search for a reliable source to confirm it.  Impressive!

Thank you Tony for being prepared.  Doing your research gave you an insight on the important questions needed for a good interview.  Good luck on your project.  Who knows, maybe one day your title will be detective, investigative journalist or forensic scientist.  I hope your future is an incredible journey.

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  1. Karen,

    I too am thankful for the next generation stepping up to make sure the cold cases aren’t forgotten and other children are kept safe. I join you in appreciation of Tony’s critical thinking and looking deeper. May his report provide new insight and a break in your sister’s case.

    Lisa M Buske


    1. Thanks Lisa. I know whenever we talk about these things you’re right by my side. I hope one day we might be able to speak together at a conference or event. God knows we will need dedicated men and women in these fields seeking justice for those still waiting. Future technology will help to make it possible for those that have lost hope in justice ever prevailing.


      1. Oh my goodness Karen, as I read your comment about us speaking together one day I got goose bumps. I will pray if this is something God can use to mesh your knowledge, wisdom, and passion with mine…I would welcome the opportunity. Praying for you as you work on the finishing your next book. God is doing amazing things through you my friend and sister-in-Christ.



      2. It will happen one day. Thanks for always encouraging me. I hope your future brings amazing opportunities to reach those that feel hopeless. The book is coming along, slow but sure. God knows the right time it should be released. He always knows best.


  2. I just read what you posted, that’s awesome that you thought that! I’m putting the final touches on the project. I’m presenting tomorrow at school. This should be an interesting presentation. Thanks Karen for all that you have done to help me understand the case better, and with sending me the book and bracelet!


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