Can it possibly be forty-two years this November twenty first since the hands of a murderer/murderers eradicated the precious life of my sister Kathy? Can it also be possible that justice after all these years has never been obtained?  What’s amazing to me is the freedom these evil people have had while my family still suffers the loss of Kathy’s presence.  There isn’t much time for redemption for one of these men.  Death is knocking at his door.

I’ve done so many interviews over the past four years and some reoccurring threads run through my search for justice.    People still alive know exactly what happened to Kathy that night.  Some will say they can’t remember but do.  Others have days they cannot recall because of trauma.  Some know and will not and have not come forward because of fear and shame.  I believe the latter is the strongest thread that fights against justice for Kathy.  Allowing these men that care nothing for human life to live freely and continue to ruin life after life.

This November, the anniversary month of Kathy’s murder I beseech you.  The adults who were children in nineteen seventy-one and have lived in fear for over forty years. Fear of what happened to Kathy would happen to them or their families.   To those that have made the transition from fear to shame I plead with you to do the right thing and come forward.  Once terrified to come forward for so many years you now live in shame of anyone knowing your secrets.  Secrets are heavy burdens to bear for the rest of your life.

It is time to come forward, individually or as a group.  I pray that you would do it as a group and lean on one another for support.  You may think it is too late.  What good would come of it now?  But I tell you I would take it as a great act of courage.  When one lives with secrets you are constantly worried someone will find out.  Wondering, anticipating and waiting for your secrets to be revealed will always be exhausting.  Peace will never be obtained.  You’re married now, have children and possibly grandchildren.  I believe the courage you would show them by revealing the truth would make an impact on them and others. But the biggest impact will be on you.  For once in your life you won’t have to walk the path of secrecy and be tormented by the things you have not spoken of.

There is still time to stand alone or as a group.  There is no need to fear these evil men any more.  It is time to realize that you as an adult was threatened as a child and controlled by beast that cared nothing for you.  Don’t let them have that kind of power over you any more. Secrets, shame and guilt can eat away at the soul and leave a person empty.  Releasing truth and forgiveness can heal.   There is power in numbers, don’t be afraid.

II Timothy 1:7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.



  1. Gosh 41 years. So sorry for this and even angrier that whoever did that to her is STILL walking around free and is STILL a horrible danger to society! It’s NOT right and people PLEASE come forward if you know anything about this. I join you in prayer Kathy and AMEN we DO NOT walk in a spirit of fear and timidity but in the POWER AND MIGHT of God!!!


    1. Thank you Carolee. Soon it will be too late for those that need to get things right. They will then live with the knowledge that they never stood up for their friend. I would not want to live with that. I do thank those who’ve tried.


  2.            Karen I’ve resently been following justice for victims, i’m a resident of franklin I remember  how  terrible that was. I have read your book a child is missing,looking forward to your next. I also know some of your relatives.bless you for never giving up on your search for justice


    1. Esther, thank you for reading A child is missing and for following justice for victims. I believe God led me in the first book and has led me during the interviews, research, and writing for the second. I miss her. I wish I could give her a hug.


  3. Hi, I just read “A Child is Missing” I was so moved & saddened by your story. I was raised in the area & went to school in Tilton. I am praying that you will eventually see justice for your sister and get some peace. God is always with us – keep Him close to your heart always.


    1. Thank you Betty for reading A Child Is Missing. Your kind words mean a lot to me. Whenever someone is moved by the book I know it’s done what it was supposed to do. It’s also used as a training tool for some Victims Advocates and law enforcement and that is important to me. I cling to II Timothy 1:7 and yes, God is always with us.


  4. Hi Karen – It’s Noelle. I’m one of those who has been forever frightened by what happened to Kathy. Having had problems when I was a teenager with grown men from Franklin, I thank God daily, that I’m alive. It could’ve been me, you, any of us. There is something (someone) evil still living his life, thinking he got away with something. We may never know for sure, but he/they will be judged one day and will pay the ultimate price. I was so sorry then about this, and I’m so sorry now, for what you’ve been through.. I hate that your family has had to live with such a horrible thing. One day, we’ll all know the truth. Maybe not in this world, but we’ll all know the truth when we leave this earth. Hugs and blessing to you and your family..


    1. Thank you Noelle for sharing that with me. I know your childhood was not an easy one. Through tragedy we can find a path that gives us peace. Speaking to detectives and knowing that Kathy’s story has made a difference in the way they look at a case means she lives on. Her her spirit of helping others will not be quenched.


  5. Maybe it’s time to let this go and begin to live life for you. Don’t you think your sister would want that for you after all these years?


    1. Hello Vanessa,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Have you had someone close to you that’s been murdered? You never move on, you learn to live with it. When you don’t learn to live with it, suicide becomes the choice for many. For me, my work with detectives is very rewarding. Through Kathy’s story they are inspired not to give up on other cases. Many cases can be solved. My work with families is as equally rewarding. The last forty-two years has given me experience with the media, law enforcement, and families that could never be learned in a classroom. I share that to help others.

      What my sister would want is for someone to fight for her. I do so in the book, the sequel I’m working on and my speaking engagements. Once the sequel is finished the story will be finished and I’m sure she will be pleased. It’s what she would have done if left behind. Another thing Kathy would have wanted was for her friends that know what happened to stand up for her. She would cheer them on to be courageous. Understanding that peace follows truth. I encourage those with secrets to come forward, not because an arrest might be made but that they may experience truth and peace.

      I have a blessed and fulfilled life. My faith in Christ promises me that. I have more than I could ever need, want, or ask for.



  6. I remember this quite well Karen, I was 11 at the time. We were all terrified and very, very sad! Kathy and my sister were friends at the time of her disappearance. I am so sorry for your loss. Kathy was a sweet kid from what I remember of her. It really does stay with you forever. Receiving this post brought it all back for me. I hope someone will see the post and remember something, anything that can help you get the peace you all deserve. I cannot imagine or even fathom how this has been for you and your family. God bless you for doing all that you are doing. My prayers are with you and your family, especially Kathy.


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