“We need to trust God during the storm so we can use what He has given us as a sail to make it across the ocean of trials.  Sometimes we are forced to anchor in tough weather, but when we trust Him, we do not sink.”

These beautiful words written by author Lisa M. Buske gripped my heart.  I know what it’s like to have a sister kidnapped and murdered.

Lisa’s story about Heidi exposes the anguish a person’s heart endures during a time of waiting.  Knowing her sister has been kidnapped she feels swallowed up by the investigation.  Feeling hopeless she clings to any piece of information that comes in and tries to fill her time with task she is allowed to do. 

Minutes turn into hours and hours into days and still no Heidi.  The anticipation is almost unbearable.  The expression of “pure grief in a parent” will never be forgotten.  “The burden we carry trying to make life easier for others in our family” is one that last for decades.

Lisa was drowning in her sorrow, anger, bitterness, and dabbling with the unknown.  Through a precious little boy, God revealed the way to healing, forgiveness, and Him.  It was then she realized that God did hear her weeping through the night for her Heidi. God used a child, a precious soul, to guide Lisa and show her the way into His loving arms.

Lisa, our paths will be connected forever.  We have endured dark days.  We are sisters that long to have one more hug, one more chance to whisper, I love you.  Our day will come when Heidi and Kathy meet us at the gates of heaven.  In the meantime we labor to help others.

Isn’t it just like God to bring us together?  To God be the glory, great things He has done.

Love you my friend,


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