New Hampshire Cold Case Unit


Watching this video made me cry knowing that the NH Cold Case Unit will be dissolved the end of June 2013 if not financed. If this happens, cold cases will be shoved on the back burner where they have been for years and more will be added.

4 thoughts on “New Hampshire Cold Case Unit”

  1. That is correct. McLeod was arrested on four counts of murder and because of that the preparation on both parts, prosecutors and defense lawyers is lengthy. A defense lawyer would not want to go to trial quickly, it would not be in their best interest to do so. There can be delays, pretrial appeals, and so much more that can extend the time before trial. Continuances in court are very common and they can be caused by numerous reasons. An example is the recent Jodi Arias trial in Arizona. That murder took place in 2008 and the trial is going on right now.


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