I received an email from Representative Renny Cushing informing me that the proposed 2014 fiscal year budget includes $51,250 for the NH Cold Case Unit. The 2015 proposed budget includes 51,500.  It is a positive step forward but the support is a minuscule one. This financial support would come out of the revenue in the general fund that is not restricted to any purpose.

Representative Cushing will now explore the possibility of HB 661 supplying the rest of the money to continue the NH Cold Case Unit as it is today.

That amount of money implies to me that the Unit would be reduced to one person. Many states will say they have a Cold Case Unit when in reality they have one person that works on cold cases. What do you think the results are from one person working a cold case?

Please share the petition with others.

Also, send an email to Housecriminaljusticeandpublicsafety@leg.state.nh.us

Tell them you support the NH Cold Case Unit and want them to continue. Share the email address with others.

Thank you Representative Cushing for the work you are doing on behalf of victim’s families.

Let’s not give up, continue the fight.


Sign the petition for permanency of NH Cold Case Unit. 




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