Investigators say decades-old homicide puzzle ‘solvable’-Nancy West Manchester Union Leader

Here we have another incredible story about murder and the possibility of old homicides being solved. This is the reason that the NH Cold Case Unit is needed. The details and complexity of a cold case is enormous. It is only through the dedication of those that one retired investigator told me are “Hunters” and have a hunting instinct to apprehend a murderer. Especially on a homicide that has gone unsolved for decades. Thanks to all those “Hunters” out there that never give up!


If you have information about the Allenstown mystery, please call State Police Sgt. John Sonia or Sgt. Joseph Ebert at 603-223-3856.

Cold Case Unit
NH State Police Major Crime Unit
33 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305

Telephone: 603-271-2663
Fax: 603-223-6270


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