It was an honor yesterday to speak at the BCI Unsolved Homicide Training Course in Ohio.  I want to thank Special Agent Roger Davis for inviting me.

As I looked at the individuals sitting in front of me I thought, “Here sits an elite group of men and women that care about humanity, many putting their lives in harm’s way to do it.” I look at them as protectors. Maybe that’s why I am troubled when an officer fails to uphold the law that he or she has taken an oath to live by.

I thought of the joint effort it takes to solve murders that some believe are unsolvable. Homicide Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators, Forensic Scientist, Crime Scene Technicians, Administrative Technicians, Law Enforcement, Analyst and the list goes on and on. Needing to work together, to communicate, and strive for a common goal. It is not an easy quest one takes on a murder that is decades old.   

My PowerPoint presentation, (Thank you Mike) reviews Kathy’s murder and the results of never seeing an arrest made. I emphasize the importance of Cold Case Units and websites needed to list all Victims of unsolved Homicides.

New Hampshire’s Cold Case Unit is always a topic of discussion. I relay how they were formed and their accomplishments. This is an encouragement to those that see the value of a Cold Case Unit and desire to form Units in their state.

I want Law Enforcement to know that many of us are affected by the cases that go unsolved. Murderers that walk freely for decades while our loved ones are in the ground is unacceptable.

For those that desire to see unsolved murders solved, thank you. It means the probability of one living next to me is decreased. When interviewing a retired detective he told me, “To solve an unsolved murder you have to be a hunter, have hunting instincts, not everyone can do it.” I believe this to be true. We need more hunters….



  1. Karen,

    Thank you for your constant dedication and determination to keep our cold cases on the forefront. You reach law enforcement, politicians, and most importantly – the families walking in the trenches with you. May God bless you richly for your love for Him and your compassion to help others. I look forward to the sequel of your first book. You are touching lives. Praying for you. 🙂

    Lisa M Buske


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