Future of N.H.’s Cold Case Unit is in jeopardy

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”  Margaret Thatcher

I’ve been watching the NH news on the Cold Case Unit and it’s disturbing.  I’m afraid we will have another fight on our hands to keep the Cold Case Unit running beyond 2013. I hope when that time comes you will join my family as we apply pressure to make the Cold Case Unit a permanent agency. I’ve been in contact with several people that are willing to help. We will do whatever we can and I’m sure other families will join in as they have finally experienced hope. As always I continue to pray that justice will prevail!

Here is my response to the article below.

“This is definitely disturbing news.  My sisters and I fought for the Cold Case Unit.  Our sister Kathy Gloddy was brutally murdered in 1971; she was thirteen.  No one has ever been charged.

When the bill came before legislation we referred to it as “The Bill of Hope” PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THAT HOPE AWAY!  So many families have waited an extremely long time for a Unit like this that would pay attention to the boxes of material that hold information on their loved ones murder.

It cost 350,000 a year to support a team that works full- time on unresolved deaths and murders. Added to that team are those that volunteer to do research and prepare documents for the Cold Case Unit.  According to the FBI, from 1980 to 2008 there are over 185,000 unsolved murders nationwide.  Just think what the figures would be if we included all those from 1960 to 2012.  What are the chances a murderer might be your next-door neighbor?  The percentage is probably higher than you think.

If the state of NH were to purchase a new plow for the winter it would cost them approximately 350,000 dollars. Compare this to a Unit of three men working full-time to solve a murder. A Unit that has already proven their worth by making an arrest in a 1989 quadruple homicide and a 1988 double homicide and are prepared to make even more arrest.  I think our loved ones buried in the ground because of a murderer deserve at least what it would cost to purchase a plow!”


2 thoughts on “Future of N.H.’s Cold Case Unit is in jeopardy”

  1. So well written Karen. When you compare the impact and the importance of a cold case unit vs. the purchase of a plow for a community, how could they even consider removing the cold case unit. That is a disgrace and a tragedy! How can they even sleep at night, considering such an option? Shame on them..


  2. Thanks Jan, it’s discouraging to so many of us. It’s a blow for sure. The sad thing is money and politics plays a big part in solving murders. All the interviews I’ve done for the next book emphasize how much. This knowledge certainly removed my rose colored glasses.


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