Anything worth fighting for requires patience and tenacity. Sometimes we must let go for the present and try again in the future.

Recently I was informed that Ohio would not proceed with Kathy’s Law.  There is a multitude of reasons why a bill is never created or sees the day it is signed into law. I believe the reason that takes precedence over any other is money. Because of the economy I knew it would be difficult to move forward with this endeavor.  Am I discouraged? Yes. Will I give up on the possibility that Kathy’s Law will become reality one day? No.

Representative Margaret Ann Ruhl informed me that she was hitting a “road block.” The Attorney General’s Office and Sheriff’s Association are not willing and do not have the funds to move forward. Ohio is not a Police State and if the Attorney General does not get on board we must go through the Sheriff’s Association.

Like anything in government it seems to be a push and shove situation instead of pulling together to produce the greatest force.  If the Sheriff’s Association is forced by legislation, it’s an unfunded mandate.  If the Attorney General’s office is forced to set up a division they are stepping on the toes of the Sheriff’s Association and their responsibility.

I want to thank Representative Ruhl for all the work she has done and for reassuring me that she will not forget nor give up. Knowing you care and believe in Kathy’s Law means a lot to me.

When I do not understand God does.

6 thoughts on “THE STATUS ON KATHY’S LAW”

  1. Karen, Jim asked me if I was there when you got this news and I was not but I was so sad for you when he told me about it. I love you and I’m so proud of you for who you are and all you’ve done (and will do!). Janet


  2. Thanks Janet, I was hoping it would go further than it did. Doing the research for the next book has made me aware the role money plays, even in solving a murder. I love you!


  3. Karen,

    Your heart and determination to keep Kathy ‘s name alive while helping others. In God ‘s time, not ours. Such a hard concept yet one we must trust. Praying for His timing and peace for you ad you wait.



    1. You are absolutely right about God’s timing. When the path is not clear, let Him lead the way. Thank you Lisa, your continued support is cherished.


  4. Good job so far Karen, if not now then later but I know you will never give up. Hang in there, there’s a lot of people praying for this to pass.


    1. Thank you Rosalie. I know of many families still haunted by a murder gone unsolved and Kathy’s Law would be one step closer to making a difference in the quest. I wish there was more I could do. I hope one day we’ll see progress in many unsolved cases.


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