When it comes to justice you must pursue, persevere, and run with patience.  For me, the latter is the most difficult.  I’m amazed by the process of an idea that creates a bill and later becomes law.  The word tenacity comes to mind.  It definitely is required for all that follow the task to the end.  Sometimes I wonder how many begin with a fierce dedication only to end up discouraged and broken-hearted.

Kathy’s Law (The Unsolved Not Forgotten) is at the Attorney General’s Office.  My Representative Margaret Ann Ruhl is working on the creation of the bill.  I’m thankful that she believes in what I would like to accomplish.  Another person important to the process is Special Agent Roger Davis from the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.  http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Enforcement/Unsolved-Cases/Cold-Case/Menu/About-unsolved-homicides  He’s helped me understand the “Unsolved Death Initiative” and how Kathy’s Law could help to improve it.   Once the bill is ready to be presented the contacts I’ve made through him will be crucial on getting the information out to the public through the media.

What is Kathy’s Law?  Kathy’s Law will make it mandatory for all cities in the state of Ohio to submit the information they have on every unsolved murder into a main database.  It would be part of the “Unsolved Death Initiative” that the Attorney General’s Office and the Bureau of Criminal investigations have started.

Once Kathy’s Law is passed in Ohio, I’m hoping other states will follow.   Eventually a national database could be developed. 

I wish I had more to report.  The hands of time move slowly when it comes to justice.  Pursue, Persevere, and run with patience.   

2 thoughts on “UPDATE ON KATHY’S LAW”

  1. I’ll be praying for this legislation to pass and open up the doors for the missing to be found and cases to have closure at a quicker rate. I also pray for strength and endurance for you to see this through until completion.

    Have you ever talked with Doug and Mary Lyall, from the Center for Hope? They are wonderful people who have devoted countless hours to passing legislation in New York state. Their website is: http://www.hope4themissing.org/index.asp.

    If you want their email and can’t locate it on the website, let me know.
    Lisa M. Buske


    1. Thanks Lisa for the prayer and information about Doug and Mary Lyall. May God bless you and your family.
      Take care,


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