Tomorrow is my first day of training for CASA.  My daughter Joscelyn brought this volunteer program to my attention.  I did some research and realized how important it is.  The first interview is done and now the training begins.  This involves two weekends in a row, a background check, finger printing, a post interview, shadowing someone in a court room setting, and a swearing-in by a judge or magistrate.

I’ve been attending seminars that will help me make sound decisions when it comes to the safety of a child.  Being an advocate for abused and neglected children will not be easy, reading the history of some abuse cases makes me wonder how human these people really are.  What’s amazing is  most protection laws for abused and neglected children started in the 1970’s, which isn’t that long ago.  I compare it to the victims’ rights laws that were established in the 1980’s, also not long ago.  I’m thankful as a society we react more quickly to the rights of children and victims but believe we still have a long way to go. 

We can NOT leave the criminal out of the picture.  Most criminals are not fearful of punishment and to protect children and victims they must be part of the equation.  Criminals must fear the consequences, unsolved murders must be solved and the murderer MUST be severely punished.  If a person commits murder, where do they go from there?  Other crimes such as rape, armed robbery, drug trafficking, prostitution, domestic violence mean very little to them.  By getting the murderer off the streets, we also contribute in diminishing other acts of crime.

As citizens there is so much we can do, I encourage you to get involved in a volunteer program such as CASA or one of the many that have been established.  http://www.casaforchildren.org/site/c.mtJSJ7MPIsE/b.5301295/k.BE9A/Home.htm

To God be the glory  

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