I walked into the building where the event was being held, nervous and a little sick to my stomach.  Planning this event definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone.  My sister Ann flew in from New Hampshire and Mike flew in from Arizona, I was thankful for their support.

Standing in the hallway was Sarah Maynard and her family.  I was touched by their presence.  I’ve prayed over the last year that I might meet this brave little girl.  Sarah was kidnapped in Mount Vernon and found three days later.  She survived what Hoffman had done to her but her mom, brother, and family friend did not.  Their horrific murders made international news.

Talking to Sarah was a privilege.  She is a beautiful young lady.   I pray God will watch over her and one day she might help others that have experienced what she has.  The future will be complex as she finds her way, a journey only she can travel.  Her family would like to see specific laws created so the future might be safer for others.   This is what we do….

The event was a success; over ninety attended and channel 10 news was present.  From donations and book profits I was able to send a check of $300.00 to the “Healing Hearts Memorial Fund” that Sarah and her family established. 

The speakers were excellent.  I’d like to thank Diana Oswalt, Sheriff Barber, Representative Margaret Ann Ruhl, Kurt Shearer, and Kelli Grace.  I want to acknowledge Roger Davis, Maggie Maloy, and Kathy Wantland.  Thank you Mount Vernon Nazarene University for hosting the event, MVNU Social Work Degree Completion Program for sponsoring the event, the MVNU Media Department for the beautiful posters they created and Karen Boyd.

Glory to God for everything, I am humbled that He would use me in such a way.


  1. I’m glad for the experience you had and for sharing it with us. The recovered and their familes are an inspiration and constant reminder it is possible to both survive and thrive. God is stilldiong miracles today – thanks for sharing your experience with us. Lisa 🙂


    1. Thanks Lisa, I am always humbled by these experiences. Many are hurting in this world but it’s comforting to know there are many that want to do something about it and make a difference. It’s all about pressing on!


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