Yesterday I attended the Fairfield County Balloon Festival.  It was a benefit for the Healing Hearts Memorial Fund set up by the family of Tina Herman and Kody Maynard.  Tina and Kody were murdered in Mount Vernon Ohio.  Kody’s sister Sarah was kidnapped and later found alive.   A family friend, Stephanie Sprang was also murdered. What occurred in that home was horrific and I think about Sarah, her family, and Stephanie’s family often.  Sarah hopes that the Healing Hearts Memorial Fund will help children like her cope with the heartbreak of losing a family member to murder.

 I’ve never been to a balloon festival and I’m not sure that I want to ride in one, but what a magnificent way to raise funds for a worthy cause.  The attendance was substantial and the children were intrigued by the process of the balloons taking form.  An array of colors lay in front of us and as the balloons were filled with hot air they began to take form.  With each puff the colors became more brilliant.   Slowly they were given life and rose above us.  The sight of them brought a smile to my face and I felt like a child again.  This event was a beautiful way to honor Tina, Kody and Sarah.  To me it was symbolic; we can rise up and make a difference.




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