I will never understand the mind of someone that takes the life of an innocent child.  Celina was a young girl who obviously made a difference in many lives.  One friend said, “Celina would give you the shirt off her back if she knew you were cold.”  I know another little girl that would have done the same thing, her name is Kathy.

It is a horrific scene when a family is told that the one they love has been found but the outcome is death, a murder has taken place.  How do you get your head around that?  You don’t.

When I heard of Celina’s disappearance, a feeling of panic kicked in.   It’s always like that when I hear about a child that is missing, but especially when it’s one from New Hampshire.  I am anxious for the family as they wait for news. I understand that law enforcement, rescue workers, recovery units, and advocates will step in and begin a job that no one should have to do.  I can’t imagine how they feel when the outcome is not what they had hoped for and yet they perform this task over and over again.  The things they see are beyond what we view on television shows like CSI.

When a body is recovered, the task of informing the family begins.  Another job no one wants.  There is not an easy way to break the news to those that are still clinging to hope. Usually an advocate will go; they will be there for the family and help with their needs.  But in the beginning, there is nothing that can help or comfort the family.  I don’t know of any words that can describe the grief that is experienced.

I wish there was something I could do.  The one thing I can do is pray, and that’s what I’ll do for the family and friends of Celina Cass.  Sorry little one, once again the world misses out…..


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