In our society today there are those that have a warped sense of murder being deserved.  Murder is never deserved!  At times, little compassion is shown for a person who is murdered because of their lifestyle or the wrong choices they’ve made.  This is disturbing.  We may not agree with their decisions or their lifestyle but none of it warrants death by murder.  I don’t care if a person is a prostitute, no one has the right to take their life.  Simple mindedness would say, “Well she was asking for it.”  Do not diminish what a murderer has done by putting some of the blame on the one who has been murdered.  None of the blame should be put on the victim.

When I read of Krista Dittmeyer’s murder, it broke my heart.  The details of her life, what she might or might not have done, does not matter to me.  She was a beautiful young women, a mother that loved her daughter.  I’ll say it again, yes, she loved her daughter.  We can still love someone with all our heart and make bad decisions.   Is there anyone out there that hasn’t?  Someone murdered Krista, someone took her life as if it had no value.  Her life was valuable, to her daughter, to her family, and yes, to herself.  No matter what the circumstances are, she did not deserve to be murdered.  She does deserve our compassion and so does her family.

I remember a statement read to me in Kathy’s investigation.  A suspect said, “Well that’s too bad, she should have been home where she belonged.”  Like it was her fault that she had been repeatedly raped, beaten, strangled, run over by a car, and left naked in the woods.  I don’t care where or what she was doing, she did not deserve to be murdered.  The criminal is the only one to blame!      

Krista’s family will now become one of us.  The pain and suffering in the days ahead will be agony.   They will walk into the future and learn that murder follows a family for the rest of their lives.  “Closure” is not something they will experience, “letting go” is unthinkable, and “moving on” is not done without the knowledge of Krista’s absence.  But there is hope and I pray they find it.  We cannot change what the past has forced upon us but we can shape the future.  Changing the future allows us to honor those taken from us by the hands of a murderer.   They live on through us because of the difference we make .   When we change the future for good,  it is a balm, a healing to our soul.

My prayers go out to all that love Krista. 


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