Here is an update on my trip to New Hampshire, it’s left me a little exhausted.  On March 20th, I had a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Newington New Hampshire.  It went very well, Barnes and Noble did a great job.  I work very hard to make the book signings successful.  My sister Ann was there, she’s been such a blessing to me.  Her support comforts me when my nerves are swirling around inside me.

Victims’ Rights Day was April 12th and I was allowed to sell the book at this event.  I want to thank Jen Hunt, (A victims’ rights advocate for seventeen years) for setting that up.  Throughout the day I spoke with people about the book, my story, and I listened to others who had their own stories to tell.  

The press conference was at 11:00 am and the room was packed.  This year, John and Claire Canton of Manchester were honored for changing the law about strangulation.  Their daughter, Missy, was murdered by her husband over a year ago.  I spent some time talking with John and once again I am reminded of the warriors in this world.  John and Claire have made a difference.  We cannot change the past, but we can do something about the future.  We can make a difference for others and that’s what they have done.  It is not without heartache…… http://www.concordmonitor.com/article/251003/being-turned-away

It was a very long day but ended with a reward that was not expected.  The Cold Case Unit was on their way to Nashua for a press release.  An arrest had been made in Canada.  It was for the 1988 double homicide of Charlene Ranstrom and Brenda Warner.  http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/opinioneditorials/915651-263/trail-no-longer-cold-in-nashua-murders.html  How fitting that it was announced on Victims’ Rights Day.  A donation from the book went to “Parents Of Murdered Children.”

I also did some interviews for the next book.  I spent time with Will Delker, Senior Assistant Attorney (Cold Case Unit), Scott Gilbert, (Cold Case Unit), Sandra Matheson, (Director of Victim/Witness Assistance Program), Jennifer Hunt, (Victims Rights Advocate), and Jim Conrad, (Retired Homicide Unit) The interviews are valuable and helped me to understand their jobs, the frustrations, and the rewards they face daily.  The dedication they have is evident and I respect them for their continuous effort to help others and do the right thing.  It was emotionally draining, it always is.

I met with Beth and Dawn, two women I’ve helped to find their voice for their sister.  Press on guys!  Stopped in Borders in Concord and signed more books for them and  I spent some time with family and friends to try and balance it all out.  It’s always a balancing act…..



2 thoughts on “UPDATE ON TRIP TO NEW HAMPSHIRE 3.15.11 TO 4.19.11”

  1. Hi Kathy,

    I was just wondering when your next book is coming out? Your first book was touching and my family keeps it close to our hearts. My aunt and family were good friends with your family when the incident happened. Bob and Sandy Clark who are my grandparents and they told me my aunt Tina was best friends with Kathy. I Hope one day they will find out who did it.



  2. Hi Brittany,
    Thank you for contacting me. The second book will probably be out in a couple of years. I’m still doing some research and haven’t started the writing yet. Once written it takes about a year to go through the editing process. It is a tremendous amount of work.
    Thank you for reading A Child Is Missing. I will update the website as the second book progresses. Now that book signings and events are slowing down I hope to start dedicating some time to writing.
    Take care,


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