The arrest made by the Cold Case Unit of New Hampshire in two unsolved murders gives me and many others hope.  A hope that we have not felt for a very long time.  Arrest have been made in a 1989 quadruple homicide and in a 1988 double homicide.  The team works diligently with local law enforcement to crack cases that have been stored in boxes for years, some decades.   Retesting evidence for DNA, finding witnesses and interviewing them after many years is long and tedious work.   But the rewards are abundant for them and victims’ advocates when a family is told that an arrest has been made.

Yesterday, Massachusetts made an arrest in a 1969 homicide.  Three men were arrested for the murder of John Joseph McCabe, two lived in New Hampshire.  As usual, family and friends never gave up on seeing this case solved.  I believe, as it is true in Kathy’s unsolved murder, that it is the loved ones left behind that push the wheel of justice for the one/ones that cannot speak for themselves.  The arrest made ignites a fire within to continue the fight.  For me, the 1969 arrest intensifies my hope.  Kathy was murdered in 1971 and this arrest reinforces the possibility of her murder being solved.  WHO WILL BE NEXT?  WILL IT BE YOU?   

“Three men were arrested today for the murder of McCabe, of Tewksbury, Mass., on Sept. 27, 1969, as he was on his way home from a school dance, Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone announced today.”

“It is remarkable that, after nearly 42 years, we were able to tell the McCabe family that their son’s murder was solved,” Leone told ABC News. “We think this provides hope to families of other unsolved homicide victims and would encourage them to never lose faith that their loved one’s case can be solved.

“It also serves as a warning to those who have committed these crimes: We never give up on victims,” he said.  ABC News/U.S.




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