I hope to see many in Concord New Hampshire for the 2011 Victims’ Rights Day.  It is a time when victims of numerous crimes and their families come together and show support for one another.  It is also a time to remember those we’ve lost to violent crimes and to encourage those that dedicate their lives to serving victims and their families.  Last week, I learned more about what a victims’ rights advocate does.  Understanding their job clearly revealed to me that they are pieces of gold a family holds on to when everything else around them is black like coal.  I will be selling A Child Is Missing throughout the day, starting at 8:00 am.  A portion of the profits will go to the Victims’ Rights Group.  Below is the link for more information on the scheduled events.



  1. Karen, It was a pleaseure to meet both you & your sister yesterday in Concord, NH. I only wishing it had been under different circumstances. I was deeply touched by your story. Thank yo so much for allowing me to talk about the friend I lost so many years ago. Its funny how many people find it uncomfortable to hear those types of things, even the ones we consider close. I know for me, my family struggles with listening if I bring it up. I think they fear I will regress to the sadness of that time.
    Anyway-hearing all that you & your family have been through has inspired me even more to contiune with my desire to comfort & support victims of trauma. Be well, stay strong. All my best wishes that you find the answers you deserve. Kathy Larivee, Victims Inc.


  2. Dear Kathy,
    It was my pleasure to meet you. I am always touched by the stories others share with me. The connection between us because of the crimes committed to those we love is one we’d rather not have. I wish our connection could be for some other reason. I am truly thankful for meeting you yesterday. As you continue your work to help others through trauma, I pray you will also stay strong, be of good courage, and always remember, you are making a difference. Making a difference will help you to heal. Trauma such as ours requires continuous healing. We are not weak when years later we cry for those that were unjustly taken. It is not a sign of instability when we wish to speak of them to others. They live in our hearts and the work we do reveals them to the world that never had the privilege of knowing.
    I hope to meet again,


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