Matthew Hoffman’s confession has been released and it is heartbreaking to know some of the details of what he’s done.  To think one person could be so evil and by his actions change the lives of so many.  The families of the victims will continue to live through the horror for a long time.  

When someone you love is murdered it is never forgotten, your life is never the same.  Learning to live in this new life that has been forced upon you is challenging.  A person may have life but learning to live is another story.  As the days ahead seem dark and painful for the families of the victims, I pray they will cling to the hope that one day it won’t be as it was in the beginning.  No one could survive that kind of pain forever.  It’s not that pain is never felt again or tears are ever cried; these become a part of your new life.  But one day, the time between the pain and the tears will grow longer, and someday you will once again find a purpose in life.  Until then, hang on, don’t let go, and know there are those that are praying for you. 

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