I met with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations on Tuesday, January 25th.  They graciously gave me their attention and time while I discussed the possibility of a Cold Case Unit in Ohio.   The last eighteen months, Special Agent Roger Davis has worked on a website that would allow law enforcement throughout the state to enter information about unresolved deaths and missing persons.  Till now such a website did not exist.  The website will continue to collect information with the goal of having every unresolved death and missing persons posted on it.  The website is accessible to the public and tips can be posted there.  www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/coldcase   Agent Davis also developed a new brochure that was given to law enforcement, informing them of the many ways the BCI can help with investigations.  The facility has a DNA lab and agents can support local law enforcement in criminal intelligence, victim and witness assistance, technical support, covert operations, crime scenes, and investigations.     

Special Agent Supervisor, Brian Carlson and Special Agent Roger Davis both agreed that Ohio is in need of a Cold Case Unit.  From 1980 to 2008, 5,501 unsolved murders have been recorded.  If something isn’t done, Ohio’s unsolved murders will continue to grow at an alarming rate.  A Cold Case Unit would concentrate and work full-time on these unsolved murders.  Cold cases require a person to be proactive and it is time-consuming.  Old files must be looked at and organized, evidence tested for DNA, witnesses found and interviewed again.  Travel is necessary to investigate a cold case.   Many of these unsolved murders can be solved with the technology we have.  If a murderer is not arrested and convicted, they continue to walk the streets with the potential to murder again. 

I feel that the BCI will be a great support in the fight for a Cold Case Unit in Ohio.  Their facility and expertise will be instrumental in solving cold cases.

I have emailed Mike DeWine from the Attorney General’s Office, my representative, Margaret Ann Rhul, and Governor John Kasich about the desire to see a Cold Case Unit in Ohio.  If New Hampshire can do it and see results in six months of being established, Ohio can too.

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