Here is the contact information to support bill, HB 138 FN, making the Cold Case Unit permanent.  Please email or write expressing your support.  They are making progress on other cases, don’t let the Unit dissolve after the three-year trial period.  All the families that are waiting for justice  appreciate your support.  Life is never perfect or promised.  One day it might be your loved one you are fighting for.  If I didn’t have a sister who was murdered in New Hampshire I would still support this bill.  The thought of these murderers still walking free to murder again should get our attention to support the Cold Case Unit.  Lets get these murderers off the streets and put them where they belong!     Thank you…..

Here is the email to the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee:  ~HouseCriminalJusticeandPublicSafety@leg.state.nh.us
The chairperson is Rep. Elaine Swinford
The physical address is:
House of Representatives
Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee
Legislative Office Building
Room 204
33 North State Street
Concord, NH 03301-6328

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