I just found out that the first meeting for bill HB 138-FN is being held this Tuesday, the 25th at 10:00 am. It will be in the legislative office building, room 204, Concord NH. This bill introduces the Cold Case Unit to acquire permanency.  The Unit at this time is temporary and supported for only three years.  Remember, in six months of the Unit being established, an arrest was made on a 1989 quadruple homicide.  I know they are making progress on other cases as well.       

Since I live in Ohio, I cannot attend this meeting on such short notice.  I also have a meeting with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations in Ohio on the same day.  I am going to discuss the possibility of a Cold Case Unit in Ohio, using New Hampshire as a model.  My sisters, Ann and Janet cannot attend this meeting either.  We will be writing a statement voicing our support and hopefully it will be read.  If anyone can attend, please go and show your support!  All of us that have a cold case in New Hampshire need to support this bill.  If you cannot attend the meeting please put something in writing and send it to the Chair of the committee. 

We need this Unit.   They have already proven how valuable they are to all of us that still wait for justice!

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