JANUARY 1, 2011

Today is the beginning of a new year, 2011.  I think  most of us that have an unsolved murder or loved ones that have never been found,  wish that maybe, just maybe, THIS year will be the year.  Though we might not dwell on this everyday of our lives, it is something we hope for year after year.  

November of 2011 will be forty years since Kathy was murdered,  her case still unsolved.  Time use to be on our side because of technology, but now time is against us because of the age of the criminal.  If an arrest is made it needs to be soon.  One day, we will need to face the fact that an arrest will not be made and accept what the investigators believe happened.  When the last suspect, Ken Bonefant is gone, I would like the Cold Case Unit to sit down with us and reveal  anything we ask.  My family deserves that.

No matter what happens, I will continue to be an advocate for the Cold Case Unit.  I will support the Victim’s Rights Group in any way I can and I will use my book, A Child Is Missing, to promote these organizations.  My book was never written to be a success financially, most writers understand that.  I’m thankful that Tate Publishing believed in me and accepted it for publication.  I hope to continue to use some of the proceeds to support organizations that interact with victim’s families.

Recently I spoke with Diana from the Victim’s Rights Group in Mount Vernon Ohio.  I would like to have an event with them for the community.  One that would have a speaker from the group and materials available.   A law enforcement officer that would speak on safety and I would speak on my experience.  A book signing would be held and all the profits from that night would go to the families of the victims in the recent murders of Mount Vernon.  My heart is burdened for them and for the community.  

Some may think enough time has gone by for the families to have had substantial healing, but that is not so.  The truth is, the reality of what happened is just sinking in, the grieving just beginning.  Society does not deal with death very well, especially when it involves murder.  We push, we ignore, and we rush those that are grieving, wanting them to move on before they are ready.  As a result, isolation begins to be the victim’s friend when it is anything but that, it is our enemy.  I hope as a community we understand that.

It is time to begin a new year.  I do not want to live on my accomplishments of 2010 and be satisfied.  I will make new goals and pursue them.  And in the end, through God’s grace, make a difference…….

The sequel to A Child Is Missing begins today.  A Child Is Missing-Searching For Justice will cover the reopening of Kathy’s case in 2004 up to present date.  So much has happened, new evidence, involvement in the investigation, planning the trip to Florida to speak with Edward Dukette,  ABC 20/20 filming, Fox News filming, a vigil, Kathy’s reward money, fighting for the Cold Case Unit and witnessing the results, making an arrest in a 1989 quadruple homicide.  A DNA bill passed, this allows law enforcement to enter any convicted felon’s DNA into the system.  Like I said, a lot has happened.  Maybe, just maybe, I will have the ending to my book that I would like.  If not, I will have to accept that and cling to the good that has come from my family pursuing those that murdered Kathy.  I believe she would be proud of the book and the good it’s produced.   I know she would be proud of our fight, for her and for those that cannot speak for themselves.  Because you see, Kathy was a fighter, she fought for her life.

Don’t lose hope, it keeps us from despair.   To God be the glory in all I do….


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