Today is November 1, 2010, the anniversary month of Kathy’s murder.  It has been 39 years since Kathy was brutally raped and murdered, the case continues to go unsolved.  This year my family was able to claim victory in an area that was close to our hearts.  We diligently fought for a Cold Case Unit in New Hampshire, the bill passed, and the Unit was formed.  Within six months of the team being established, an arrest was made in a 1989 quadruple homicide.  This arrest proves the value of a Cold Case Unit and I encourage every state to establish one.  Although it was not Kathy’s case that was solved, we know how important it is for other families to receive the justice they have waited for.  Our fight was not only for Kathy, but for them too. As I promote “A Child Is Missing” the story of Kathy’s murder and what it was like growing up in the middle of murder, investigations, and a heartache that continues, this month will be especially difficult.  With the story ever before me, the memories are also.  I am hoping the book might break someone’s heart, as ours has been broken and come forward with information they are withholding.  We know you are out there, and we know you could make a difference in Kathy’s investigation and in the lives of the family that still yearns for her presence today.

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