I’ve wanted to blog for a while on the progress in Kathy’s case.  As you know the Cold Case Unit that my sister’s and I fought for in NH is up and running.  Within six months the Unit made an arrest on a 1989 quadruple homicide.  The arrest was made in California, the trial has not begun.

We still wait for news about Kathy’s case.  There has been activity off and on.  This November 21, 2010 will be thirty-nine years that she was taken from us in a brutal and cruel way.   For me, this November is going to be particularly hard.  With the book and the speaking engagements I’ve had, her murder is fresh in my mind.  I’ll be in New Hampshire on November 4th for a signing at the Borders in Concord and on the 6th at the Franklin Library.  On November 28th I have a signing in Mount Vernon Ohio at the Gospel Supply Shop downtown.  All of these will be tough, the remembrance vivid and missing her more intense.

I was hoping that this November would bring news of an arrest for her murder.  There is more than a month for this to happen and I will continue in prayer that 2010 might be the year the Gloddy family sees justice for the brutal murder of Kathy.  

As I promote the book, I continue to inform readers of the importance of a Cold Case Unit in every state.  I believe most would be astonished at the number of unsolved murders in their state.  Unsolved murders allow murderers to prowl our streets to murder again. 

The book has given me an opportunity to speak to others who suffer from unsolved murders in their family.  Just having someone that understands the pain can be therapeutic. 

 I’ve  been helping a woman that believes her sister was murdered just over a year ago and the state is calling it “accidental.”  We’ve been collecting information to present to various agencies, hoping they will proceed with a very thorough investigation.  Once the packets are finished, hooking her up with the media will be important. 

I’ve had contact with a woman who is writing a story of her sister and neice being murdered in Vermont.  The FBI has recently done a search for the remains of her loved ones, nothing has been found yet.  How awful to know that the ones you love have been murdered but their remains have never been found.  She calls them, “her girls” and desperately wants to bring them home for a proper burial.  I am thankful that Kathy was found the following day.

There is also a woman that would like to see Vermont start a Cold Case Unit, her friend was murdered years ago and it was never solved.  I gave her information on what she needed to do to get the ball rolling.   The woman I previously spoke of would also love to see a Unit formed in Vermont. 

There are so many stories I could share with you.  Various people have told me that I’ve helped them, that I’m inspirational, that just knowing what I’ve gone through helps them to not feel alone.  I AM HUMBLED AND IT IS YOU, THAT INSPIRES ME!

May justice be given to all of us who still wait and for those we no longer have,


2 thoughts on “PRESSING ON……”

  1. Karen when I read your letter I was over come with a great saddness. it made me cry for what this whole business means to you & your family. My prayers are with you & may the lord see fit in due time to have this mystery solved. Many people out there thankyou for all the work time & effort you have put into this. God has allowed you to help many .Your loss has helped so many with theirs. As ever a friend Ellie


  2. Thank you Ellie for taking the time to respond. Every November 21st brings it’s challenges, but definitely this November will be more difficult. My life has changed so much in the last three years. I must say, it’s created a number of doubts, insecurities, and fears. I am thankful for a God that never changes, He is the Solid Rock on which I stand. And when I feel myself slipping, wanting to let go, His hand reaches out and His voice says, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” I am thankful for His love, a love that is not based on who I am……
    Love, Karen


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