“As I walked into the house, the scene I beheld was like something out of a movie. Every eye turned toward me, but no one spoke a word. ‘What’s wrong?’ As tears ran down my sister’s face, she said, with a voice filled with sobs, ‘Kathy’s dead; she’s been murdered.’

It was a cold November night in 1971 when thirteen-year-old Kathy Lynn Gloddy went missing, only to have her beaten, bruised body found the next day on the cold ground. Enter into the tragedy as Karen Beaudin vividly recounts the horrifying revelation of her younger sister’s death in A Child Is Missing—the shocking true story of a small New Hampshire town stunned by the revelation of such a brutal crime, and a family devastated by the loss of a beloved daughter and sister. As Karen and her family search for justice, their faith will be tested in the battle against the guilt, fear, and devastating grief that comes when they realize every family’s worst nightmare: A Child Is Missing.

A Child Is Missing is a painful yet vital glimpse of a murder investigation seen through the eyes of a sister who is still searching for the truth. For anyone who cares about justice beyond the courtroom, this is a must-read.

—Bob Ward, Crime Reporter, Fox 25 News, Boston”


  1. im sorry for your loss. my sister was murdered when i was 3. although her murderers were caught it is not enough. i am looking forward to reading your book. good luck


    1. Thank you Tina and I’m sorry that at such a tender age you experienced not having your sister grow up with you. A precious life taken, unjustly and carelessly like it didn’t have value is horrendous. I pray in some way you will find comfort in reading A Child Is Missing, there is hope, never give up.
      Take care,


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