Today was a beautiful sunny day for the Victims’ Rights Day event held in Concord.  My family was honored for the fight to get a Cold Case Unit formed.  The bill passed and the unit has been up and running since December 1, 2009.  Thanks to all that attended the event, it was good to see those familiar faces.  Some surprised us and traveled from Rhode Island and Connecticut to support us and the event.  I wish I had more time to talk to many of you.  We were pulled in so many directions doing interviews.  I didn’t even get to have lunch with my daughters and some dear friends, sorry about that.  The interviews took a lot longer than we all thought they would.

I talked with many people who are victims in one way or another and my heart goes out to them and the pain they still endure.  We all belong to a club that none of us want to be in.  But we need to reach out to one another, in doing that, we realize we are not alone.  Tomorrow Ann, Janet and I go to the Senate and hopefully see a new bill signed that will make it mandatory for all felons to have their DNA put into the data base.  We press on……

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