Books Being Ordered On Monday 3/8/2010 For Pre-Sale

My order for a “A Child Is Missing”  will be going in on Monday 3/8/2010.  This order will come directly to me and the books will be the very first to be offered.  Approximately a month later they will be at the warehouses and a press release will be made announcing to the public that they are available  for purchase.  I await the arrival of the book that took over two years to write, edit and print.  It was written during a difficult personal trial in my life and also written through tears, laughter and bouts of exhaustion.  Most of all it was written with humility, understanding what a great privilege it is to have Tate accept it for publishing.  Thank you Tate Publishing and all the staff that worked on this project.  It was an honor to work with you all and I felt that you truly cared about my story.

Thanks to my Lord and Savior, You led me all the way…..

I am waiting on my website to be finished, it is almost complete.  What a blessing it is to have  Sara offer to do this for me.  To my daughter Joscelyn, thank you for the help with the pictures and editing.  There were times that the mother/daughter relationship was strained but for the most part and was a good experience.  For both of us, there were many nights of pure exhaustion.  Melissa, who did the final proofing, wow was I thankful for that.  Nicole, who encouraged me to keep going when I thought I couldn’t do it any more.  My girls are the best!!!!

To all my dear friends that have lifted me up along the way, thank you!

Much appreciation to all,


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