A Child Is Missing Website


I got a glimpse of the “A Child Is Missing” website being done by Sara Smith, photos of me done by j. nicole photography.  I’m so excited about the results.   This site will stay connected to the “Remembering Kathy Lynn Gloddy” site.  Here I can keep you posted on any new information on Kathy’s case and what’s happening with the Cold Case Unit.    

Tate Publishing told me that I will be able to put an order in soon.   You will be able to order the book from that site once it’s up and running.  The books I order will be the first to get out, it will take a little longer before others will be available.  I’m hoping to do pre-sales soon, it will give me an idea on how many to order.   Books ordered off my site will be signed copies  but please come to a book signing event if possible.  Book signing events will include presenting the book with a little back ground, a short answer and question time and refreshments when allowed.  I am  in awe that this is becoming reality and humbled that I have this opportunity to share Kathy’s story.

Thank you Tate Publishing, Sara, Joscelyn and Melissa for all your help.  It was greatly appreciated, no man is an island!

Lord, thank You for giving me this talent to write during a time of great heartache.


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