Update On Kathy’s Case and Cold Case Unit

Things are finally settling down from the 20/20 airing of Kathy’s story.  It was very emotional for me and my family to view.  I haven’t watched it a second time and plan to do so when I get back to Ohio.  It was very hard to take it all in the first time and I think it will be even more emotional to see it a second time.  ABC did such a good job, I’m so thankful that they took on her story.

From the airing of Vanished: Ghost Of Autumn the State Police have received numerous calls with information.  What a blessing to see some results from the show being aired. 

I set up a meeting with the task force while I was in NH and Ann, Janet and I met with them to see where we go from here with Kathy’s case. 

The first question I asked them was about the Cold Case Unit.  They have hired their team and should be making a press release soon.  We are happy to know they are close to getting the Unit active.  It means a lot to me and my family but also for many others that still wait for justice.  Then we proceeded with questions about leads that had come in from the 20/20 airing.  Keeping the communication open between us is important.  It hasn’t been easy over the years.  We are hopeful that new leads will keep coming in and that we will see results from them. 

I pray that we will see results from the Cold Case Unit within the first year.  If it’s not Kathy’s murder solved, it will be someone’s and we as a family will rejoice in that.  I’m praying that in the first year we will see two murder’s solved and I challenge all of you to pray for the same.

Thanks to all those that stay up to date on Kathy’s case and the progress of A Child Is Missing, I pray Kathy’s memory will live on…

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